Applications are now open for our October 12th-14th workshop

 Digital Storytelling at Ohio State!  Join faculty, staff, and students from a variety of departments who use digital storytelling in academia, research and outreach. We offer a workshop program, coordinate storytelling events and showcase stories created by the OSU community.

  • Standard OSU Workshops. Interested in attending a workshop to craft your script, then learn software to produce your multimedia story.
  • Group Workshops. Do you belong to a group that would like a custom workshop? Find out about planning a workshop for your group.

Due to high demand and limited space, there is a competitive application process. Your application will be ranked by (download our rubric):

  • how clearly you can articulate your story idea
  • its adaptability to first-person narration
  • whether your story idea is appropriate (or scalable) to short video form
  • your purpose for learning digital storytelling
  • your ability to commit to a three-day workshop (typically 9am-5pm each day with lunch served)

We want you to get the best experience out of this workshop in which you will complete a full digital story. The cost of this workshop for individual OSU faculty/staff is $105 (payable through eRequest). For non-affiliated participants, it costs $300 per person. For group workshops or non-OSU hosted workshops, please contact us at for pricing.

What is a digital story? On the surface, it is a 3-5 minute video comprised of first-person narration, visuals, music, and addresses some overarching dramatic question. These questions can serve academic needs (“Do depictions of Neanderthals today accurately reflect their traits as a species?”), the personal (“How did I cope with my sister’s Alzheimer’s?”), and the community (“What role does the Wilce Student Healthy Center play in improving wellness on campus?”).

But the Digital Storytelling Program is not just about the product; it is a formative experience that naturally integrates constructivist pedagogy with digital literacy. In our immersive 3-day workshops, you will work in a community of practice to complete a short video around your work, life, or community. Please note that your story is expected to be shared publicly on our YouTube channel, except in special circumstances.


Our workshops typically last three full days.  Here’s what you can expect to happen during that time:

  • You’ll devote at least a full morning developing your story within a community of 12 to 14 fellow storytellers.
  • You’ll edit and record your script.
  • You’ll learn the basics of image selection and editing.
  • You’ll learn how to create a simple musical soundtrack.
  • You’ll learn the basics of movie editing in order to put your recorded script, images, and soundtrack together into a finished digital story.


What sort of equipment should I bring? 

We provide almost everything you need, including laptops and software.  The only thing you should bring with you is a pair of headphones.  You’ll also want to bring a blank portable drive that’s at least 16GB.

How expert with technology do I have to be to take these workshops?

People come to these workshops with all levels of expertise. Often the ones who are more expert help the beginners.  In any case, the software is easy to use, and we have plenty of help on hand.

May I bring my own laptop if I want to?

No.  We prefer you work with our provided laptops so that everyone is using the same software and the same versions of that software.  We cannot guarantee adequate technical support otherwise.

Is three days long enough?

You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in three days if you immerse yourself in this experience. We recommend that you clear your calendar and evening commitments. However, the objective of these stories is never complete perfection.  Our objective is to help you use digital media to tell a formative story with a personal voice.

What if I want to make changes to my story later on?

In addition to the finished, compressed version of your story, you’ll have the original files.  You’ll be able to work with those files –for instance, the image files–and then re-edit your movie after the workshop is over. We ask that all changes are finalized one month after the workshop is over.