Summer 2015 Workshop: Apply by June 23rd!

Our next workshop will be held from August 4-6 (Tuesday-Thursday). Workshops typically run from 9am-4pm each of the three days with a continental breakfast served each morning.

What is a digital story? On the surface, it is a 3-5 minute video comprised of first-person narration, visuals, music, and addresses some overarching dramatic question like this one created by Joan Young in our Fall 2014 workshop:

But we’re not just about the product; our workshops are a formative experience that naturally integrates constructivist pedagogy with digital literacy. In our immersive 3-day workshops, you will work in a community of practice to complete a short video around your work, life, or community. If you’d like to apply, please fill out and submit the following form:

Due to the high demand of our workshops and our desire to grow as a program, please note that we have started charging. $105 for OSU faculty/staff and $300 for non-OSU participants

Applications are due on June 23rd.

Meet the Facilitators!

Our team has just taken our first group photo:

Digital Storytelling Team Group Photo

From top left to bottom right: Elena Foulis, Brian Leaf, MJ Abell, Alex Everett, Queenie Chow, Karen Diaz, Ruth Sesco

Thanks to Elena Foulis for arranging this!

Our newest facilitator is Caroline Omolesky, who joined us shortly after we took this photo unfortunately. But we’ll be featuring in the blog in a couple weeks, so be sure to check it out later!