Artist inspirations for digital imaging/new media art

Charles Csuri digital art examples
Digital artist Charles Csuri taught at The Ohio State University and did his pioneering computer art research here. Learn more on the Csuri project site.

Selection of artists we may learn about in this class (mostly contemporary, a few historical)

Stephanie Syjuco | Jacolby SatterwhiteHito Steyerl  | Rafael Lozano-Hemmer | Lynn Hershman | Michael Bell-Smith | Sara Ludy | Zach Nader | Barbara Kruger | John Heartfield | Lorna Mills | Trevor Paglen | Hannah HochJulian Oliver | Marina Zurkow | Daniel Temkin | Mariko Mori | Artie Vierkant | Sheida Soleimani | Jon Rafman | Heather Phillipson | Jim Campbell | Miao Ying | Sophia Brueckner | Mark Dorf | Helen Chadwick | Lucas Blaylock | Pinar Yoldas