Biological Sciences Scholars Event: Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Informational Meeting with Dr. Parvin

At this event, Dr. Parvin, the co-director of Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program came into to talk to us about about about the program. He told us all about what the program is and how it is a great opportunity for someone interested in the medical field to expand their reach after undergrad. He emphasized the importance of research to such a program and how one should prepare to apply to the program. Overall, I really enjoyed learning more about the variety of opportunities here at OSU for people to expand their knowledge and apply their skills at a higher level.

Stone Lab

As a part of a summer STEM bridge program I participated in, I was able to visit OSU’s Stone Lab. Throughout my time at Stone Lab, I studied the native and invasive species of plants and animals that call Lake Erie home. This was very fun for me as an Animal Science major as I was able to apply my interests in the field.

Year in Review

[ “Year in Review”  is where you should reflect on the past year and show how you have evolved as a person and as a student.  You may want to focus on your growth in a particular area (as a leader, scholar, researcher, etc.) or you may want to talk about your overall experience over the past year.  For more information, go to: Delete these instructions and add your own post.]


Global Awareness: Being at Ohio State has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zones and look more seriously into study abroad programs. Throughout my college, CFAES, many programs are offered which cater to my major and career path. I am interested in studying in Australia or Costa Rica. Pursuing a study abroad would give me the opportunity to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for other countries and cultures.

Original Inquiry: Ohio State has revealed to me the importance and value behind research for a STEM major. Through a program I am a part of called LSAMP, I have learned more about the research process and how to pursue undergraduate research. My current goal is to apply to a summer research program through LSAMP, which will introduce me to the world of research here at OSU. If I do not get in this summer, my plan is to find a research opportunity in my sophomore year.

Academic Enrichment: In order to maximize my academic experience here at OSU, I am aiming to take a wide range of courses within my major, and pursue a minor in Spanish. While I have the potential to graduate early, I want to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities here at OSU. I plan on using my senior year to take courses which will allow me to be a more well rounded student and increase my preparation for professional school.

Leadership Development: I have been able to develop my leadership skills at OSU by being a part of the Barrett/Nosker Hall Council Executive Board, in which I serve as the representative for Biological Sciences Scholars and as the Sustainability Chair. This experience has allowed me to grow as a leader and seek opportunities in which I am able to use my skills.

Service Engagement: I am a volunteer with a group called Scientific Thinkers which is an outreach program that aims to encourage the use of science at the elementary level. Every other week we visit Innis Elementary School, a public elementary in Columbus. We focus on teaching the kids fun science experiments in which they are able to get a more hands on experience with science and how the world around them works.


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OSU Wetlands Facility

Over the summer I participated in a bridge program called LSAMP, in which underrepresented minorities in STEM majors at OSU were exposed to the abundance of opportunities and resources available to us. In this picture, we were visiting OSU’s wetland facilities for our Environmental Science class, to study the health of the Olentangy River.



About Me

My name is Annika Diaz, I am from Upland, California, a small city about forty minutes east of Los Angeles. I am a first year student at OSU in the Biological Sciences Scholars program, and am studying Animal Biosciences, on the Pre-Vet track. After undergrad, I plan to attend vet school, or explore a masters program. My current career goal is to be a privately practicing small animal veterinarian. Throughout high school my goals were solidified through my service at both a horse rescue rehabilitation ranch and a humane society on mission trips. These experiences made me realize that there is so much need for passionate people to be the voices and care for helpless animals. I enjoy combining my passion for the care of animals with service, and plan on being involved in service driven organizations. In addition, my faith plays a large role in many aspects of my life, and I look forward to getting involved in religious organizations on and off of campus. I am also interested in undergraduate research and study abroad opportunities. I would like to study abroad in either Australia or South Africa.

I am a visual and auditory learner, and enjoy quiet study time. However, I also enjoy being able to study with friends where I am able to relearn topics by “teaching” them. I have found that I enjoy being able to study with others in similar classes because they can offer insight which I may not have been able to come up with on my own. I like how living with other Bio Sci scholars has brought me closer to people who share similar passions to me, who I can grow with throughout the year. Being a part of Bio Sci Scholars makes me more aware of the community here at OSU. I see how G.O.A.L.S., play a role in not only Honors & Scholars, but the school as whole. I look forward to being able to explore these guidelines and find new outlets for academic and personal improvement.

In my time at OSU I have been a part of several organizations through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, including, Morrill Scholars, Tri-P, and LSAMP. All of the programs have empowered me to actively pursue my goals and ambitions here at Ohio State, as they provide an abundance of resources and opportunities for minorities. In addition to this, I am a part of residence hall council’s executive board where I serve as the Biological Sciences Representative and the Sustainability Chair. These positions have allowed me to increase my leadership skills and have fun interacting with fellow residents.