Diapers Project Initial Summary Webinar

It’s official, pilot data collection for the Diapers Project is complete!  You may already know that the Diapers Project has been collecting data at daycare facilities on the Ohio State University Columbus Campus.  If you are curious about the project, what we have done so far, and what we plan to do with the information we collected, please attend one of our informational webinars with Q&As.  Here are the scheduled dates and times.  All webinars will present the same material, we are just providing several options to accommodate different busy schedules.
Tuesday Night (March 9th, 9:00PM) Webinar ID: 975 0276 6567
Friday Lunch (March 12th, 12:00PM) Webinar ID: 951 7239 2477
Saturday Nap (March 13th, 1:30PM) Webinar ID: 992 0778 2784
Please contact us at if you need the passcode.  We hope you will join us!

Diapers Project Webinar Posted

Here is a webinar that we did to explain the Diapers Project and answer questions that parents might have about enrolling their children in the project.

This project is just for infants (0-2 years) at Ohio State University daycare facilities.  Just email us at with any questions.

The DIAPRS Project is Starting

fecal collection tubes

After a long summer of sampling the environment at child care centers and waiting on human subjects review, we are set to start the Diapers Project this month (December 2020).  We’ll be collecting diapers and banking feces for future testing to look at transmission of enteric pathogens and how infant’s microbiomes influence transmission and symptoms of disease.

The DIAPRS Project

Infant in a Daycare with Possible Pathogen Exposures

Pitch slide from the Math and the Microbiome Workshop.

The DIAPRS Project is a collaboration that formed out of the Math and the Microbiome Workshop that took place at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute at the Ohio State University in October of 2018.  The project goal is to use high-frequency sampling over a long period of time in daycare centers to understand the scales at which microbes (mostly bacteria and viruses) in infants’ guts change as infants are exposed to more things in their environments.  Some particular exposures we are interested in exploring are: diet changes, pets and other animals, other infants and children, and enteric disease events.  Thanks to a pilot grant from the Infectious Disease Institute, we are starting the project in Summer 2020 (an interesting time to be starting).  We’ll be adding updates about the project here as we pursue this interesting area of study.  Feel free to contact us using the information in the footer.