Diamonds must be transported in a tamperproof container when they are going from one country to another. In order to cross into a country the container must have a government issued Kimberly Process certificate. Most countries are trying to stop the illegal transportation of conflict diamonds. Therefore when diamonds are transported there, a lot more regulations and policies exist than there used to be. The Kimberly Process is a coalition of over 70 countries that works to prevent the transportation and sale of conflict diamonds.

There are both positive and negative impacts of transportation of diamonds. The advantage is the extra business that the transportation companies receive from transporting the diamonds for DeBeers. The disadvantage is the increased pollution that the transportation of diamonds causes and the effect it has on our atmosphere. The pollution that enters the atmosphere has a very harmful impact on the environment by contributing to global warming and filling the air with unclean particles. If the diamond industry continues to grow, the amount of pollution will increase and may have further negative effects on the environment.

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