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Once the diamonds have been mined, cut, and polished, they make their way to jewelry stores where they are subsequently sold to the consumer. They are typically adorned on various types of jewelry such as rings and necklaces, but can also be bought individually. Pricing of jewelry fluctuates quite a bit since pieces range from simple necklaces to lavish rings decorated with the most magnificent of stones. While De Beers Group specializes in diamond mining, De Beers Diamond Jewellers specializes in getting the diamonds to retail. Along with selling through their own stores, De Beers works with a multitude of smaller companies that specialize in diamond jewelry.

Jewelry stores have a huge impact on the economy and demand of materials other than diamonds such as gold and silver. During holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas when jewelry stores record their highest sales the price of gold rises significantly. This rush for jewelry helps the diamond industry to grow and has a positive effect on the economy. However, with demands for diamonds continuing to rise, companies are facing more and more pressure to mine more diamonds. This can create problems in terms of how ethical companies are in the chase for diamonds. It also calls into question how the people who live in the areas of diamond mines are affecting by the ever growing need for material goods.

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