September 12: Introduction and beginning the Transcendental Deduction

Tuesday at 4pm in Hagerty 159 we discuss the Introduction and begin the Transcendental Deduction of Kant’s first critique. Discussion will follow Rödl’s second lecture, divided into three parts: the first 33 minutes deal with Anscombe’s article as an anticipation of the Transcendental Deduction; starting at 40 minutes (after Michael Thompson’s intervention) Rödl discusses the Introduction; discussion of the Transcendental Deduction begins at about 1 hour 40 minutes.

Lecture and notes on the lecture are available from

An English translation of the Critique of Pure Reason can be found here.

The German text is here.

Transzendentale Logik: Analytik der Begriffe

  • Einleitung (AA III 27-46 = B1-30)
  • Transzendentale Deduktion §§13-27 (AA III 107-130 = B116-169)

September 5: Speech acts and judgment

Tuesday at 4pm in Hagerty 159 we continue discussion of Rödl’s first lecture, where he argues that the problem of spontaneity, self-determination, or the freedom of self-consciousness as reason as it arises in German idealism is in fact a universal problem. This is seen for example by its persistence in the very different tradition of analytic philosophy, with reference to articles by Anscombe and Hornsby .

For optional readings go here.

Engstrom article recommended as supplement.