José Guadalupe Posada Broadsides

¡Ya llegó la calavera De su viaje extraordinario; Vino á ver muy placentera Las fiestas del Centenario! (The skeleton has now arrived from its extraordinary journey, it has come to see the marvellous centenary festival)

The Mexican printmaker José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913) considered the “Father of Modern Mexican Art,” received no formal art training. Despite humble beginning, Posada’s iconography and political ideology have significantly shaped Mexican popular art and influenced generations of artists. Posada’s depictions of calavera provide an early example of a Mexican artist drawing inspiration from the country’s pre-Columbian roots. This embrace of Mexico’s pre-Columbian legacy was unprecedented and countercultural to the country’s ruling class at the time. Posada’s art is a window into Mexico during a critical time of history and national development.

Posada is best known for his illustration of calaveras [stylized skeletons] published in Mexican broadsides for satirical presses. Broadsides were ephemeral street literature sold locally for pennies to the masses. Despite their informal nature, broadsides were an important form of communication. They provided critical commentary on the political events of the day otherwise censured in mainstream presses. Currently, satirical political commentators like Stephen Colbert and John Stewart are examples of informal but influential media outlets. Likewise, in mid-nineteenth century Mexico, the Venga Arroyo press, where Posada worked, aimed to both inform and entertain the general public on relevant current events.

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