The Recovery Project: Actions of Survival, Archives of Resilience

In 2020-2021, I am Principal Investigator for The Recovery Project: Actions of Survival, Archives of Resilience, an Ohio State University Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme COVID-19 Seed Grant project.

Project co-leaders:

Sona Hill

Margaret Price.

The Recovery Project is building a community-engaged archive of pandemic testimonies to make an immediate contribution for our collective mental health and critical well-being. Using rhetorical, discourse and narrative analysis, this project uses a combination of targeted interactive surveying, crowdsourcing via social media and correspondence, and scholarly analysis so that the energy and knowledge of thousands of people can be gathered — but also easily sifted through and used. The project is thus creating a focused, scalable archive where information can be parsed and mental-health support shared. In its digital space, this project will provide a template to address the mental-health needs and wellness of frontline workers, and also present a flexible best-practices model, global in scope, for understanding the role of media and social testimonies amidst a pandemic.


Amy Shuman

Teri Murphy

Lucille Toth

Hemachandran Karah