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Shakespeare in the “Post”Colonies: What’s Shakespeare to Them, or They to Shakespeare

This working bibliography is a living document; please send suggestions of work that is compellingly at the forefront or intersections of postcolonial studies, Dalit studies, critical and premodern critical race studies, Indigenous/Adivasi studies, adaptation/translation studies, travel/encounter/interculturality studies, border/migration studies, and Shakespeare studies. Please write with suggestions to dhar [dot] 24 [at] osu [dot] edu.

This document lists ONLY work in English–while the majority of work on postcolonial/“post”colonial Shakespeares in the world is in other languages. At the seminar on “Shakespeare in the ‘Post’Colonies,” we are working on a bibliography across languages, and similarly welcome input for it. Again, write to dhar [dot] 24 [at] osu [dot] edu with suggestions.


At the Intersection of Critical Race and Disability Studies: A Bibliography

This is a living document. Many of these references were generously provided by members of the #ShakeRace collective, the Medievalists of Color, and the Society for Disability Studies. Please send further additions/suggestions to dhar [dot] 24 [at] osu [dot] edu.

Wherever possible, I have provided links to full texts. If you are struggling to access something not freely available online, please let me know.