In the Beginning, There Were iPads by Nicole Kraft

Three months in the making.

$25,000 expended.

An entire course rewritten, revised and revised again.

And it begins tomorrow.

The Digital First Impact Grant goes from concept to reality starting tomorrow, as we unpack 30 iPads with Otterbox cases, microphones, keyboards and other accessories.

We will load them with apps, inventory and affix with ID tags. We will clean off the screens and stack them in my office, awaiting three days hence when we unveil them on our research subjects–otherwise known as Autumn 2013 Comm 2221.

This is the beginning of a nine-month research project digging into the dynamic of digital journalism education. Equipped with iPads, our students will learn core journalism concepts and multimedia skills concurrently.

They will be taught to structure words, shoot photos, record video and audio and utilize social media–all within the flipped classroom environment afforded by Apple’s iTunes U technology and state-of-the art iPads.

I’m excited and nervous, invigorated and apprehensive about what is coming, knowing there will be challenges and opportunity, stresses and freak outs ahead.

I will on this blog chronicle our success and failures, our steps forward and back as we go through this learning process. In the end, we will have a project that we hope advances our understanding of journalism education and our ability to turn students into mojos (mobile journalists) more thoroughly and efficiently.

iPads at the ready. It’s time to start.

Post by Nicole Kraft – Kraft of Writing@Nicole_Kraft

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