How I will achieve G.O.A.L.S in the future

My goal for the first semester was to get acclimated into this new stage in my life and learn what I want to gain from the experience to begin with. I also wanted to achieve a good G.P.A as a foundation for later on in college, which (hopefully after finals) I have achieved.

However, now that the second semester is upon us, I wanted to post about my new goals in the relevant areas.

Global Awareness

  • I don’t have many short term goals for this section. However, I would love to continue meeting new people with different backgrounds. In the future, however, I would love to travel abroad, probably to Italy, after my sophomore or junior year.

Original Inquiry

  • Whiles a future education or Arts and Sciences major, I will not be in a lab, I will still broaden my questions on the world by my courses and continue striving to answer the questions of what I am most interested in and what interests should I follow into a career. In one of my classes for next semester, History of the World since 1914, I hope to learn more about recent history, especially since the 1950s that my history teachers in the past haven’t had time to cover.

Leadership Development

  • As a freshman, I have not found myself in as many leadership roles naturally as I found myself junior and senior years of high school. However, I have joined Cru, a christina organization on campus, and have joined the freshman leadership team. I also have joined buckeyethon, and hope to raise enough money participate in the dance marathon.
  • I hope by taking FEEP I can be a leader in the classroom. By the end of this second semester, I hope to find more organizations to be involved with, and submit my application to by a PSL mentor.
  • By graduation, my goal is to find more ways to fill this requirement to my full potential by graduation.

Service Engagement

  • By the end of second semester this is the part of the goals I really need to improve on. By deciding to wait until sophomore year to have a job I hope to find time away from my studies to join a club or a scheduled place to volunteer weekly. As of right now I’m thinking about volunteering at a women’s shelter or the local food pantry on Sundays.

Scholars Update After First Semester

Now that the semester is almost over, I can say for certainty that the scholars program really helped my adjustment this first semester. I am very thankful I was admitted into the program and can learn and live with such great interesting students and can take advantage of all of the enriching editions to my education scholars provides.

Overall, the field trips were a very enriching part of my semester. While I am still unsure of if I will strive for a career in politics or law, the subjects are still very interesting to me. The first field trip I went on was to the Supreme Court. We listened to the closing statements on Capital Care Network of Toledo v. State of Ohio Department of Health. it was very interesting to hear the succinct statements from both sides. The most exciting field trip was my second field trip, which was to the Ohio Correctional Facility. It was eye-opening to see a jail and its inner workings. Lastly, we went to the Franklin County Courthouse. It was educational learning how mundane or exciting a courthouse day can be.

Through PSL, I have also met and had the privilege of listening to very interesting people. My favorites were the two judges, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy and Judge Jeff Sutton of the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals that came to discuss with us their expertise with us. Both meetings just so happened to be our first and last speakers of the semester that were mandatory. Not only were both judges extremely interesting people, my interest in the discussions helped me realize that law is a real interest of mine, whether I be teaching it or going to law school to work in a firm.

Future Plan Update For Second Semester

While I had a hard time posting in this category in the beginning of the year due to the fact that I was very undecided on a path, but some deep thinking and using the exploration resources have helped me figure out a plan.

My goal is to graduate in four years. That, thanks to my A.P. credits coming in, according to my academic counselor, is still in sight.

My interests have always been in history and political science, but thanks to this semester I’m going to try and see if I want to be a teacher. According to the nice advisors at the Education school here on campus, I’ve learned that my first priority is to see if I want to be a middle school teacher, because that degree is very front heavy. I am very excited to take F.E.E.P next semester, a teacher shadowing class, to help me decide if this is a route I want to take.

Personal Introduction

Erin Devine is a recent graduate from Olentangy High School. She is also af reshman at Ohio State university and is a Politics, Society and Law Scholar in the Exploratory program.

About Me

I am freshman at the Ohio State University. A recent summa cum laude graduate from Olentangy High School in Lewis Center. She is a Politics, Society and Law Scholar and an exploration major, with a goal to graduate by the Spring of 2021.

I am from a large family of 6. Because I lived so close to Ohio State my whole life, buckeye pride is natural to me.

I can’t wait to see what these next 4 years hold!