Family Processes in Developmental Outcomes of Pediatric Hearing Loss (Rachael Frush Holt, Co-PI; David Pisoni, Co-PI)

The enormous variability in developmental outcomes of children with hearing loss is a significant clinical problem and the research efforts to account for individual differences that focus almost exclusively on hearing loss- or child-related factors are a critical barrier to progress in the field of pediatric audiology. In this 5-year project, we are examining the influence of family dynamics on spoken language and executive function outcomes in children with hearing loss. Funded by the NIH-NIDCD #DC014956.


Children’s Perception of Dialect and Nonnative Accents (Rachael Frush Holt, Co-PI and Tessa Bent, Co-PI, Indiana University)

In this line of work we are investigating individual differences in the development of children’s perception of regional dialect and nonnative accents. The work is carried out in Language Sciences Research Lab at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI), where we both collect data and help educate the public about language. Funded by the NSF #1941662.