Sophomore Year in Review

Global Awareness: I have become a more globally aware person throughout the year in many ways. For example, engaging in constructive political conversations has broadened my view of several factors that affect countries outside of the United States. This has not only led me to be more aware of global news, but has also compelled me to think analytically about many topics when necessary. In addition, certain courses (ei. Principles of Macroeconomics, Spanish, Introduction to Philosophy, etc.) have enhanced my global awareness by highlighting specific mechanisms by which different countries are governed. I plan on going through with these practices for the remainder of college by taking more classes in Spanish and History, and probably for the rest of my life by keeping up with the news.

Original Inquiry: I have become much more familiar with the process of original inquiry thanks to many of my courses. For example, major assignments in many of my classes required us to write extensive research papers about a topic of our choice. Through assignments as such, I’ve learned to utilize the OSU library system and find relevant and professionally peer-reviewed sources. More importantly, I’ve learned to apply my knowledge to the contexts of these sources and compile all relevant information in order to ultimately formulate an analysis of my own. I am now confident in my research abilities and knowledge of the scientific process, so I would like to pursue some sort of research in my major field (Neuroscience) in order to apply the knowledge and skills that I’ve acquired throughout this year.

Academic Enrichment: I have taken many challenging courses that directly relate to my future aspiration of getting into medical school. Many of my courses are science-related mainly because they caught my interest and/or they will prepare me for medical school. For example, I plan on taking a graduate level course on neuroimmunolgy before I graduate because I have always been interested in our bodies’ complex immune responses, and I also value upper-level knowledge. This knowledge would also be directly applicable to the medical world, and therefore sparks my interest even further. This is essentially why I chose to pursue a Neuroscience major; the coursework seemed to be directly applicable to medical school, and will therefore provide me with a good foundation to start my medical endeavors.

Leadership Development: I’ve been a leader in the form of a tennis coach, a tutor for various subjects, and a summer camp counselor. All of these activities required me to come up with solutions for my students. Of course, doing so necessitated great decision making and social skills, both of which are crucial parts of being a good leader. These skills have improved throughout the course of participating in these activities, but there is always still room for further improvement. In addition, these leadership skills will hopefully be directly applicable as a prospective physician, as a physician’s job includes a lot of decision making and one-on-one contact. I plan to enhance my leadership skills even further by joining a mentoring-based club next year.

Service Engagement: I have volunteered at a couple of hospitals in a broad range of settings (one extreme being at the front desk, and the other extreme being in the Neuroscience/Trauma Intensive Care Unit), and plan on doing so in the future. In addition, I want to join a service-based club next year (such as the mentoring-based club mentioned earlier) in order to get more exposure to service-related activities.


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Global Awareness:

To pursue the goal of achieving global awareness, I will definitely keep up with the global news and push myself to engage in discussions about the topics while providing my insights on the situations. In addition, I may pursue in a study abroad opportunity or even choose to do work (such as shadowing a physician) in a different country during one of my summers.
Original Inquiry:

For this goal, I will be looking to do research, specifically in the field of medicine. Cancer research has always interested me and I would like to know the specifics on how cancer works so that I could perhaps one day provide my own bit of insight to the field. In addition, being a neuroscience major, I intend on taking a graduate level course on neuroimmunology (Neuroscience 7500), and possibly other graduate level courses as well (during my undergraduate years).
Academic Enrichment:

For this goal, I will challenge myself by taking courses that are not only of interest/relevant to my career, but also require deep knowledge of the material in order to succeed. I value knowledge a lot and I always strive to understand everything to the best of my ability. In terms of outside the classroom, I will be looking to incorporate my academic knowledge in some sort of medical related research, as stated earlier.
Leadership Development: 

I hope to be one of the captains at the Ohio State club tennis team. Doing so would allow me to be a leader in the sense that I would be running the practices and the events. In addition, I hope to possibly TA for a chemistry or biology class, which would require me to take responsibility for a certain group of students. Lastly, I also plan on being a leader by continuing to coach tennis. I’ve coached people of all ages and various levels, and it is my responsibility to make sure that they get the right kind of training, which is why being a tennis coach is a leadership role.
Service Engagement: 

In order to pursue this goal, I will volunteer, preferably for a hospital. Doing so will help me make the community better, and also help myself in developing a broader range of skills. I have already had volunteer experience at the JFK and Capital Health Hospital’s (both in New Jersey). Through my experience in these institutions, I have already had a wide range of experiences, ranging from working in the front desk to working in the neuroscience institute.


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