In my journey to a successful academic life in college, following the method of GOALS is really going to aid me. First and foremost, my in order to have a good journey, I want to make sure that I have time set apart to understand the world around me. Through the first letter G- global awareness, I want to accomplish this. I would like to take part in study abroad programs to foster an understanding of other nations and their methods of education, and also join a cultural organization to better understand my Indian heritage.

Secondly, I want to make sure I have networking opportunities and ways to establish myself. Personally, I would like to do this through research opportunities. This will be the utmost beneficial to me because it will help me in my major and show me career options.

Third, I would like to have a diversity in the classes I take as a Honors student. By making sure I take honors or higher level courses, I will be better prepared of outcomes that I may face in the real world.

Then comes leadership, a vital aspect of my plan to become successful. I would like to achieve this via my extracurricular service, and in the classroom itself. By establishing a strong sense of maturity and knowledge, I would like to stand up in various activities to show what can be achieved through my leadership.

As, an active volunteer at a hospital and my temple, I hope to continue taking pat in that while making sure I give 100% in what I do their to be able to uphold an honor students rigor to commit to service

through all these aspects, I Hope to embark on my journey through college and use this dedication in my future years of education

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