Fall 2016- Spring 2017

Coming from a very small farm-town, college in a big city like Columbus was a very  different experience. Throughout high school, my only experience with other cultures was through what I learned  from my Spanish classes. International Affairs Scholars especially was a great opportunity to interact with different cultures first hand.     I truly enjoyed my first Ohio State football games and my experiences in Block O. However, it was difficult at first for me to come to terms with not being the best at whatever I tried. It was also difficult when I realized I was not enjoying my major but once I recognized that I had developed new interests and chose a new major that reflected these interests, my experience improved. In following year I hope to get more involved on campus. I’m excited to work as a First Year Experience Peer Leader over the summer and throughout the next school year.

National Residence Hall Honorary

This February I was inducted into the Buckeye Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary. This organization prides itself on service, leadership, and the recognition of those who go above and beyond in the residence halls. As this chapter is still relatively new to campus, I am excited to have the opportunity to increase it’s prominence. Before being inducted to NRHH, I attended the residence hall All-Star day they hosted Fall Semester for outstanding students in the residence halls. NRHH also gives recognition through Of The Month nominations which can be considered for campus, regional, and national awards. The group also participates in a Buck-I-Serve trip to Punta Gorda, Florida. There are leadership positions available to the active members living on campus through the executive board. 

About Me

img_3354_ppWell I’m just a small town girl moving out to the big city. My whole life I’ve lived in the small farm town of Fredericktown, Ohio but my love of OSU football as well as a great Pharmacy program brought me to Columbus. During my time at Fredericktown High School I was kept very busy as cheerleading captain, a member of the Marching Scarlet and Gray, and an active participant in many drama club productions as well as working part-time at Kroger and graduating Valedictorian. I love to pet dogs and watch Disney movies and I’m very excited to see the experiences and adventures Ohio State will bring.

Toronto October 2016


During Fall Break 2016, a group of the International Affairs Scholars Program traveled together to Toronto, Ontario. We left October 13th and returned back to Ohio State the night of the 16th. We traveled to many locations that offered different educational experiences. We visited the Aga Kahn Museum as well as the Ismaili Centre and it was interesting to learn that much of the art and architecture that seemed ordinary held very symbolic meanings. This was a very unique opportunity to learn about a religion very different from my own and one that is not as popular where I come from. Later that day we also attended the Royal Ontario Museum where we were taught about the indigenous people as well as the museum’s impressive fossil collection. The next day we toured Casa Loma, the mansion built for Sir Henry Pellatt who brought hydro-electricity to Toronto and we even drove past one of his power stations by Niagara Falls. We then took the opportunity to head up the CN Tower where we were able to overlook the entire city. Finally, before we crossed back into the United States, we had to swing by to see the Falls.

This trip was an amazing experience to not only learn about a different culture but also to have an opportunity to build a community with my fellow students. Together we did many other fun activities such as attending a comedy show featuring comedians from all over the world as well stepping outside of my comfort zone while going swing dancing. As this was my first time outside of the country since I was a child, it also opened my eyes to the appeal of traveling and affirmed my desire to see the world.



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