About the DTRC

The mission of the Depression Treatment and Research Clinic (DTRC) is to provide evidence-based psychological services for depression and to conduct research that contributes to our understanding of depression and its treatment. Daniel R. Strunk, PhD is director of the DTRC and Professor of Psychology at The Ohio State University. Dr. Strunk is a leading expert in cognitive behavioral therapy for depression. He has authored dozens of scholarly articles on the topic and has provided clinical training in cognitive behavioral therapy for many years. Dr. Strunk supervises services in the DTRC. DTRC therapists are advanced students in OSU’s clinical psychology doctoral program. The DTRC is part of the Psychological Services Center in the Department of Psychology at The Ohio State University. Services are provided free of charge for adults in Ohio. Currently, all services are being provided virtually.

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To contact the DTRC, email us at ASC-mood-research@osu.edu

To contact Dan Strunk directly, email strunk.20@osu.edu