Indo-Aryan Languages

My empirical focus is Indo-Aryan – the language family whose diachrony and synchrony I know most intimately. With a continuous and rich diachronic record of over 3000 years, it is also well-suited for carrying out research in diachronic semantics.  My work draws on data and patterns found in Sanskrit (Old Indo-Aryan), Prakrit/Apabhramsa (Middle Indo-Aryan) and Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati (New Indo-Aryan).  My long-term research project is to  understand the evolution of tense/aspect/modality systems of the New Indo-Aryan languages from their Middle Indo-Aryan ancestor proto-system(s). In order to do this I am constructing morphologically analyzed corpora of Old Marathi and Middle Indo-Aryan. In addition to investigating the textual record, this requires looking at variation in the organization of synchronic systems. I am currently  documenting these systems within the understudied Bhili and Khandeshi  languages of the Central subgroup of Indo-Aryan.

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