Being a student of OSU’s Honors and Scholar’s program, we strive towards reaching specific objectives: Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement. Leadership development is one that interests me the most and has had a large impact on my tenure here at Ohio State. Being involved in the Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program has given me countless opportunities to grow as a leader and be one. Using service and volunteerism, Mount builds character and leadership skills through serving others, something I have been passionate about my whole life. This aligns well with my future career, as I am entering the medical field and wish to help others on the daily. Developing leadership skills will not only help me in my career when I am older, but will develop my interpersonal skills as well, which will in turn help me in multiple aspects of my life. Being in my second year here at Ohio State, I am thankful for everything I have learned through being a Mount Leadership Society Scholar and I know this next year will bring much more growth.

My scholars program has shaped me to be the leader I am, and I have learned a lot about my own leadership style. Using Myers Briggs and StrengthQuest I have learned a lot about the leader I am and what I am capable of. Everything I have learned has been applied to various areas of my college life, such as in student organizations and work. I have recently joined the Undergraduate Student Government, where I am a committee representative for Sustainability. Here I have used what I have learned about myself and have applied it to my work, working as a new member on various projects. I hope to take the lead on an event/project soon, developing as a leader. Also, I am involved in research with the James Comprehensive Cancer Center at the Wexner Medical Center where I hope to climb my way up and gain higher positions, increasing my leadership expertise. Finally, I just started a job as an Office Assistant in Bowen House. Here I am excited to be a part of creating a community within the dorm, allowing myself to grow as a person with the help of those around me. I have been continuously working on improving my leadership skills, and I have been able to apply these to my extracurricular activities.

Another G.O.A.L.S objective that stands out to me is Academic enrichment. My studies are my driving force, as I have a strong passion for medicine and will work hard to reach my goal of becoming a physician. With this comes the ups and downs of school work, such as balancing a heavy credit load, hard classes, and finding a good medium between extracurriculars, schoolwork, and fun. Through a heavy course load I have found myself developing as a student, which will only help me reach my ultimate career goal. It may be difficult, but worth it in the end.

I am excited to see what the next few years has in store for me here at OSU.