Autumn Semester 2018

As a 20th birthday present this year my friends got me something I have always wanted: a tattoo. Although they themselves did not give me the physical tattoo, they each pitched in to help pay for the expensive addition to my body. It was a gift I will cherish forever (literally), something that means a lot to me, from those closest to me.

As I have always wanted a tattoo it was not difficult for me to decide what I wanted it to be; I knew immediately. For years my life motto, my mantra if you will, was “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” It has been something that has gotten me through some tough times, helped me when I needed it, and is pushing me towards my goals in life. It helped me get to where I am now and is something I think about when I am struggling.

Throughout my college experiences this far, especially this semester, I have found myself doubting my future. I wonder whether I have what it takes to reach my dreams, whether I should take an easy route out now, but I am always brought back to the reality with this symbol; I am always assured. Today, I am happy with my tattoo, as it is a daily reminder of where I am in my life and what I can be.