Every year, members of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program take a trip down to Smith Farm to volunteer at the Fall Harvest Jamboree. With thousands of people attending, an endless collection of pumpkins, and activities for everyone, the annual gathering comes together to offer a “welcome” event for Autumn, giving families the chance to enjoy the season before Ohio’s rough winter takes it away.

Many say farms, hayrides, haunted houses, and pumpkin patches are the epitome of a great Autumn season. Coming from Cleveland, Ohio, visiting places like Hale Farm and going pumpkin picking is a yearly event for my family and I and something we look forward to. Volunteering at Smith’s Famous Farm served as a reminder of home, giving me a little familiarity in a new city. It not only allowed me to reminisce on old memories with old friends and family, but gave me brand new memories with new friends.

The Fall Harvest Jamboree also gave me the chance to volunteer, something that brought me to where I stand now in the Mount Leadership Scholars Program. Without service, my life would be rid of a passion of mine, and I would not be a member of the program, so volunteering with some of my best friends in one of my favorite places was a blast. The Fall Harvest Jamboree, one of the biggest service events Mounties take apart in, gave us all a jam-packed day of service and fun.


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