Year in Review

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Being a student of OSU’s Honors and Scholar’s program, we strive towards reaching specific objectives: Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement. Leadership development is one that interests me the most and has had a large impact on my tenure here at Ohio State. Being involved in the Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program has given me countless opportunities to grow as a leader and be one. Using service and volunteerism, Mount builds character and leadership skills through serving others, something I have been passionate about my whole life. This aligns well with my future career, as I am entering the medical field and wish to help others on the daily. Developing leadership skills will not only help me in my career when I am older, but will develop my interpersonal skills as well, which will in turn help me in multiple aspects of my life. Being in my second year here at Ohio State, I am thankful for everything I have learned through being a Mount Leadership Society Scholar and I know this next year will bring much more growth.

My scholars program has shaped me to be the leader I am, and I have learned a lot about my own leadership style. Using Myers Briggs and StrengthQuest I have learned a lot about the leader I am and what I am capable of. Everything I have learned has been applied to various areas of my college life, such as in student organizations and work. I have recently joined the Undergraduate Student Government, where I am a committee representative for Sustainability. Here I have used what I have learned about myself and have applied it to my work, working as a new member on various projects. I hope to take the lead on an event/project soon, developing as a leader. Also, I am involved in research with the James Comprehensive Cancer Center at the Wexner Medical Center where I hope to climb my way up and gain higher positions, increasing my leadership expertise. Finally, I just started a job as an Office Assistant in Bowen House. Here I am excited to be a part of creating a community within the dorm, allowing myself to grow as a person with the help of those around me. I have been continuously working on improving my leadership skills, and I have been able to apply these to my extracurricular activities.

Another G.O.A.L.S objective that stands out to me is Academic enrichment. My studies are my driving force, as I have a strong passion for medicine and will work hard to reach my goal of becoming a physician. With this comes the ups and downs of school work, such as balancing a heavy credit load, hard classes, and finding a good medium between extracurriculars, schoolwork, and fun. Through a heavy course load I have found myself developing as a student, which will only help me reach my ultimate career goal. It may be difficult, but worth it in the end.

I am excited to see what the next few years has in store for me here at OSU.



Dedicated undergraduate student with a passion for the sciences, medicine, and service. Possesses excellent communication, interpersonal, and critical thinking abilities, as well as adapting quickly to new situations.


The Ohio State University                                                                              

Tentative Graduation: May 2032

  • Biology Major, Pre-Med Track


Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program

August 2017-May 2019

  • Live and work together to build leadership skills and participate in professional development activities all with an emphasis on service orientation
  • Purposefully engage in several service projects in the Columbus area
  • Participate in a Year of Service, implementing my own service project

Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program Wellness and Athletics Committee Chair                                                                           

September 2018-May 2019

  • Create and implement health and wellness programming for the Mount Leadership Society
  • Oversee various events throughout the calendar year
  • Coordinate first and second year participation in four sports as part of the All Scholars League
  • Cultivate connections between The Ohio State University students

Undergraduate Student Government

September 2018-Present

  • Create and implement initiatives that will better the lives of students at The Ohio State University’s campus
  • Support students and their ideas, making note of what the students want for their school
  • Oversee various events throughout the calendar year
  • Cultivate connections between The Ohio State University students

Remote Area Medical Columbus (RAM)                                

September 2018-Present

  • Create and implement ideas for RAM fundraisers and events, overseeing every event
  • Plan RAM trips to other RAM clinics in order to help organizations start up clinics and run smoothly
  • Create connections between The Ohio State University students, community members in various states, and medical specialists/physicians


November 2017-Present

  • Fundraise money in support of Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Attend various events throughout the year to help fundraise
  • Actively participate in the 24- hour Dance Marathon


Student Research Assistant                                                                             

August 2018- present

  • Pick up DNA samples throughout various labs at The Ohio State University and The Wexner Medical Center
  • Enter data into spreadsheets to store information
  • Aid researchers in the Genomics Shared Resource Lab

Residence Life Office Assistant                                                                         

October 2018- present

  • Observe day to day operations of the Bowen House front desk
  • Assist students with daily activities and any residence life issues
  • Obtain a safe and clean environment for all residents
  • Handle mail and packages while using computer systems to look up and log information

Cleveland Clinic Main Campus

May 2017

  • Assist anesthesiologists and surgeons with pre-operative duties such as obtaining vitals and securing patient information
  • Observe various medical procedures before, during, and after surgery
  • Uphold HIPPA Law and hospital conduct regulations
  • Greet patients before and after procedures
  • Ease patient experiences

Community Service

Year of Service Project

August 2018-March 2019

  • Help students grades K-12 with homework in all subjects, including ACT/SAT preparation and college application work
  • Work with underprivilege students and their families to overcome any barriers
  • Help students with language barriers on their English while also assisting parents with their English skills
  • Work in conjunction with the library to create a fun and safe environment

 Remote Area Medical Columbus (RAM)

September 2018-Present

  • Visit other RAM locations throughout the US to help with set up and clean up
  • Aid staff, including doctors and nurses, with patients throughout the clinic itself
  • Help other RAM organizations at other universities in order to aid them in starting their own clinics

Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital

September 2014-October 2016

  • Transfer patients to and from various areas within hospital
  • Deliver medications and food to patients
  • Transport lab specimens and medical records to labs and physicians throughout the hospital
  • Interact with patients hands on while admitting and discharging them

Other Skills

  • Fluency in Serbian/ Croatian
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, and Tableau
  • REACH Certified


Through the different experiences I’ve had in my life, I am becoming a more well-rounded, informed, and involved leader and team member. I have been fortunate enough to have many opportunities to work alongside physicians in a hospital or research setting, allowing me to shadow and understand what a future in the field would mean. Humbling experiences such as my volunteer work within The Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program, Karl Road Library, and the Cleveland Clinic have given me a chance to help those around me while learning more about the communities I have lived in; I have been able to give back to places that have given so much for me. Belonging to organizations such as Remote Area Medical, Mount Leadership Society, and BuckeyeThon have emphasized what it means to give back to a community. My time spent as a Wellness and Athletics committee chair as well as my role on the planning committee of Remote Area Medical has given me necessary leadership skills that will help me with teamwork, problem solving, and interpersonal relationships in the future. Finally, my time as an Office Assistant has given me the opportunity to work within a staff, working on my social skills and team work. As a Research Assistant, I have garnered skills that include lab knowledge, computer skills, data entry/graphing, and knowledge of research methods.  Each of these organizations, roles, or experiences I have had in the past few years have been able to shape me into a better leader, team player, and listener, giving me the necessary skills I will need for my future.


Every year, members of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program take a trip down to Smith Farm to volunteer at the Fall Harvest Jamboree. With thousands of people attending, an endless collection of pumpkins, and activities for everyone, the annual gathering comes together to offer a “welcome” event for Autumn, giving families the chance to enjoy the season before Ohio’s rough winter takes it away.

Many say farms, hayrides, haunted houses, and pumpkin patches are the epitome of a great Autumn season. Coming from Cleveland, Ohio, visiting places like Hale Farm and going pumpkin picking is a yearly event for my family and I and something we look forward to. Volunteering at Smith’s Famous Farm served as a reminder of home, giving me a little familiarity in a new city. It not only allowed me to reminisce on old memories with old friends and family, but gave me brand new memories with new friends.

The Fall Harvest Jamboree also gave me the chance to volunteer, something that brought me to where I stand now in the Mount Leadership Scholars Program. Without service, my life would be rid of a passion of mine, and I would not be a member of the program, so volunteering with some of my best friends in one of my favorite places was a blast. The Fall Harvest Jamboree, one of the biggest service events Mounties take apart in, gave us all a jam-packed day of service and fun.


About Me

Jovana Demonjic is a first-year from Rocky River, OH, majoring in Biology on the pre-medical track. She plans to obtain her degree in biology and pursue a Master’s degree from an accredited Medical program. Jovana loves being involved in extracurricular activities and exploring her passions. In high school she was the president of her school’s Kiwanis Club, editor-in-chief of the yearbook staff, president of the Model United Nations Club, a freshman mentor in the Freshman Mentoring Program (FMP), a lacrosse player, and a member of the Rocky River chapter of the National Honor Society.  At Ohio State, she is involved in the Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program. Additionally, she is passionate about traveling and exploring other cultures and ethnicities, especially her own background from Eastern Europe. She hopes to study or obtain an internship abroad during her time at Ohio State, hopefully concentrated in the medical field. When not in class or studying, she enjoys playing and watching sports, reading, volunteering, and hanging out with friends. She is eager to begin her life at The Ohio State University, and cannot wait for where the next four years lead her!