Professional Experience

Emily Delis – Resume-2fm6psw

As a business student at the Fisher College of Business, it is essential to gain real world experience through job opportunities, organizations on or off campus, and internships throughout your time at Ohio State in order to enhance one’s personal and professional growth. I feel as though I embody what it means to be a  driven business student not only through my academics, but my experiences outside of the classroom.

Most notably, the summer after my freshman year I had the opportunity to intern with The NRP Group LLC in downtown Cleveland as their Human Resources intern. This experience was incredible. I gained so much knowledge, expanded my professional network, and found my love within the world that is HR! I was able to see first hand how vital HR is to the success of a company through various meetings, projects, and seminars. Some of the main projects I completed during my internship that I am most proud of include: working with the national safety team to create the Emergency Action Plan for their new Cleveland location, training 150+ employees, and updating HRP’s within their CMS and LMS. In addition, I found that within Human Resources, my passion for working with people connected the most in Recruiting and Learning & Development. Finally, last summer I realized that working for a company whose mission and values that align with something you believe in is truly what matters most. NRP’s culture and mission is something I connected with and felt that even as an intern I was contributing. In my future endeavors, I believe it is extremely important to work for a company where you feel valued and needed.

In addition to internship experience, I started a new job this semester within the HR department of Traditions at Scott as an Office Assistant. I am learning valuable people skills and other HR techniques in order to grow professionally. Fortunately, I am confident that Human Resources is the perfect environment for me and my strengths are utilized to the fullest. I am a very personable individual and thrive from the energy of others. As of now, the department of Recruiting is the most interesting to me. The concept of finding the best talent for a company is exciting. After all, the greatest assets a company has are their employees.

Overall, as one can see from my resume, I reflect a well rounded student that is dedicated to growth throughout my years at Ohio State. It is very important for me to gain the most knowledge while I am here in order to handle whatever the professional business world throw my way.