Ohio State is full of opportunities. A goal of mine from the beginning was to get as much out of this university as possible and I feel as though I have taken advantage of these opportunities to their full potential. As far as Global Awareness, I have had the pleasure to meet several students from various backgrounds. I am also a part of Sigma Epsilon Phi – a greek orthodox “fratority” on campus that allows Greek Orthodox students at OSU to gain a sense of community while explore their Greek heritage. Along with this, I have achieved Original Inquiry within my scholars program. In February of 2018, I led a service project with Fatih Missions Homeless Shelter and was able to create a personalized event for the men of the shelter. We had a Super Bowl party and a sock drive as well. It was amazing to see all of my teams ideas come to life with the help of my leadership. In addition, I have been able to further my academic enrichment beyond the classroom through my extracurriculars and even internship opportunities. This past summer I worked for an amazing company, The NRP Group LLC, in downtown Cleveland. I enhanced my skills from the classroom and applied them to real world experience in the field of Human Resources. With Mount Leadership Society Scholars I have been able to enhance my Leadership Development in so many ways. I have led various groups on projects including “Leadersagna”, Faith Missions, and more! I consider myself a great leader, however this program has helped foster even more leadership skills than before! Lastly, I consider myself to be heavily involved in service at OSU. This year I am working toward a 50 hour goal! So far, I am working at the Clintonville Resource Center’s Food Pantry and plan to work with RISE Boys and Girls Club in the future. My other extracurriculars also provide several outlets for service such as Off The Lake Productions (non-profit theatre organization that donates all proceeds to charity) and Sigma Epsilon Phi (works with Orthodox Christian Mission Center). Overall, I am very fortunate with all that I have done here at OSU and I am eager to expand my experiences!

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