Research and Publications

Journal Papers:

1. Filabadi, M. D., Chen, C., & Conejo, A. (2022). Reliability enhancement of distribution systems via mixed-integer conic optimization. To be submitted.

2. Filabadi, M. D., & Mahmoudzadeh, H. (2021). Effective Budget of Uncertainty for Robust Power Dispatch Optimization, INFORMS Journal on Optimization, 4 (3), 249–277.

3. Filabadi, M. D. (2022). A new paradigm in addressing data uncertainty: Discussion and future research. Academia Letters, Article 4775.

4. Filabadi, M. D. (2021). Robust-and-cheap framework for network resilience: A novel mixed-integer formulation and solution method. ArXiv preprint.

5. Filabadi, M. D., & Pirooz Azad, S. (2020). Robust optimisation framework for SCED problem in mixed AC-HVDC power systems with wind uncertainty. IET Renewable Power Generation, 14 (14), p. 2563 – 2572.

6. Filabadi, M. D. (2019). Robust optimization for SCED in AC-HVDC power systems, Master’s thesis. University of

Posters and Presentations:

1. Filabadi, M. D., Xia, Chaty. (2019) Hidden Markov Models: Theory, Applications, and Future Improvements, ISE Research Day, Integrated System Engineering, Ohio State University, OH, USA.

2. Filabadi, M. D., Pirooz Azad, S., and Mahmoudzadeh, H. (2019). A robust optimization approach for partially-ineffective uncertainty sets with application to power dispatch. 61st annual CORS Conference, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

3. Filabadi, M. D., Pirooz Azad, S., and Mahmoudzadeh, H. (2018). Security-constrained economic dispatch in AC-HVDC power systems with wind power uncertainty. 2018 ECE Open House: Power & Energy Systems, University of Waterloo, Canada.

4. Filabadi, M. D., Mahmoudzadeh, H., and Pirooz Azad, S. (2018). Robust optimal power flow in HVDC-segmented multi-area power systems. 60th annual CORS Conference, Halifax, NS, Canada.