4-H Community Service Projects While Social Distancing

I pledge my HANDS to larger service. Community Service is part of the 4-H program but in this time of social distancing, clubs must think differently about how to serve. Below are ideas for community service projects that can be done during this time of social distancing.
As you are thinking about which project you might choose remember…

  • If you choose a project like tutoring a student or giving a virtual art lesson, you should never be alone with that person. The student’s parent or a sibling could participate or you could have a friend help.
  • With projects where you are making items to donate, it is a good idea to check with the facility or or­ganization where you want to donate and be sure that those items are being accepted.
  •  4-Hers should choose project(s) in consultation with a parent or guardian.

Other Ideas – Community Service during Social Distancing

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