4-H Overnight Camp – All Systems Go!

We are extremely pleased to be able to share that CFAES and university administration have approved our plan to move forward with conducting both overnight and day 4-H camps this summer. We now have approval for overnight camps as of June 1. University leadership gave careful consideration to a wide range of factors, including vaccination availability and uptake, mitigation tactics, and a host of impacts on our members, families, volunteers, supporters, facility partners, and us.

We will continue to monitor conditions across the state and will update guidelines as needed. In other words, if the state and university lift health restrictions because the spread of the virus has slowed, we will all rejoice and follow that guidance. On the other hand, if the virus spread surges and health advisories limiting mass gatherings are reinstated, we would have to move to virtual or cancel the in-person plans.

We appreciate your patience with what we know has been a long process. While some will not agree with this decision, we think we can agree that by offering day camps and overnight camps, we will be able to offer our 4-H youth a positive camping experience this summer.

More Details to follow when they become available.

Open Horse Shows

Open Horse Shows at the Defiance County Fairgrounds

The Riders All Around Horse Show Association from Indiana has scheduled the following dates for Open Horse shows at the Fairgrounds.

  • May 1, 2021 – Schooling Show
  • May 29, 2021 – Open Show
  • June 26-27, 2021 – Open Show
  • July 31, 2021 – Open Show
  • September 4, 2021 – Open Show

After Fair Horse Show:  September 25. 2021

College Scholarships – Applications due May 15

4-H Endowment Scholarship – click here

  • Must be a CURRENT 4-H senior in Defiance County planning on continuing education.
  • Submit typed application and a personal 4-H Story.
  • 4-H Story: Share how 4-H contributed to your personal development, leadership skills, and/or career

4-H Teen Leader Scholarship – click here

  • Must be a current Teen Leader
  • Must be a CURRENT 4-H senior in Defiance County planning on continuing education.
  • Submit typed application and a personal 4-H Story.
  • 4-H Story: Share how 4-H contributed to your personal development, leadership skills, and/or career

Defiance County Agricultural Scholarship – click here

  • Applicant must be a current member of Defiance County 4-H (enrolled in 2021) OR enrolled in a
    Defiance County High School FFA Chapter.
  • Applicant must be a current high school senior planning to enroll in an agriculture-related program
    the following academic year.
  • Minimum grade point average: 2.5/4.00
  • Must provide copy of high school transcript.

4-H Alumni Scholarship – click here

  • Must be a Defiance County 4-H alumni (not in 4-H) at least one year post high school.
  • Must be at least 19 years of age or older at time of application.
  • Currently enrolled in accredited college, university or community college.
  • Grade point average (GPA) must be 2.5 or higher.
  • Able to demonstrate leadership service since high school graduation.
  • One scholarship per recipient per lifetime.

Horse Project Info

Defiance County 4-H Horse Project Information

June 1st Deadline for….

  1. Horse possession and Identification form (may use the on-line ID survey or print a form & mail)
  2. Horse Lease information (if applicable)
  3. Horse Vaccination Information: 2021 Horse Vaccine: The 5-Way Horse Vaccine is required.  Attach receipt in horse record book.

Forms are available online at

Horse Quality Assurance Requirement – June 1st

The Defiance County Livestock Committee has chosen The Ohio 4-H Horse Program Quality Assurance Curriculum called EquiStep as a mandatory requirement for our 4-H Horse Project members to complete as their annual quality assurance education.   Link to Enroll in EquiStep

There are four sections, each focusing on different parts of the 4-H Pledge, “Head,” “Heart,” “Hands,” and “Health.”  “Head” will be shown each year to emphasize helmet safety.  The remaining three will be rotated on a three-year rotation. As is required of all livestock projects members, horse project members must complete quality assurance education to be eligible for exhibition at the county level and at the state level.

The EquiStep curriculum is for horse projects only and does not count towards the other livestock quality assurance requirements.

Defiance County 4-H Horse Members must complete quality assurance by June1, 2021.  Enrolling in the online program is easy and upon completion of the course, each member is emailed a completion certificate. Please be sure to print this certificate off and attach it to your horse record book.

 Link to Enroll in EquiStep

County Wide 4-H Club Mtg – April 11

Our April County 4-H Club Zoom on Sunday, April 11 at 6pm. There will be Club breakout rooms and also a breakout room/activity for Cloverbuds.

  • Cloverbuds are asked to  have a couple pieces of construction paper or paper and scissors for the breakout session.


General Announcements

  • Project Add/Drop Information
  • Blog Newsletter Website/4-H App
  • QA Dates
  • 4-H Club Officer – Home Study training
  • 4-H Fundraiser – Flower Sale
  • Poultry Clinic and Dog Clinic
  • 4-H Camp Update

I will do a separate recording of the announcements and cover any questions that are brought up and send out by Tuesday.


Livestock Quality Assurance Training Requirement

4-H/FFA members with a livestock project (poultry, rabbits, dairy, cattle, sheep, goats, swine) must complete a yearly Livestock Quality Assurance training. There are three dates left.  Please register using the link below.

Horse projects will be sent a separate email next week as to the steps for completing Horse QA.

Registration Link for Livestock QA

County Wide Quality Assurance Training

  • Attendance will be taken at the end
  • Once youth has registered, they will receive a confirmation with the zoom link details.
  • HORSE projects: There will be a separate training for Horse project members through the University – EquiSTEP.  This will be a required training and members will be sent information after enrollment deadline.

Wednesday, April 21st 7-8:30 pm – zoom
Wednesday, May 19th 7-8:30 pm – zoom
Make Up: Thursday, May 27 at the Fairgrounds MPB at 7pm (in person)

Livestock Resources

Click on the Livestock Resources Link on the left column for the following:




  • 2021 Changes to Guidelines
  • Livestock Department Guidelines
  • 2021 Essay Lamb and Pig Catch
  • 2021 Livestock Possession dates
  • 2021 Livestock Sale Order