november 3rd-9th

The banquet was held November 3rd at the Pike county fairgrounds over $25,000 of awards and prizes were given out! At this event I assisted with seating arrangement’s, setting up prizes, assembling prizes, registration for attendees, collecting payment for banquet from guests, selling raffle tickets, awarding scholarships and drawing raffle prizes. Handing out awards for top ten breeding heifers, market animals, senior showmanship, intermediate showmanship, junior showmanship, and beginner showmanship. I was recognized for my work throughout the season, I also assisted in the live auction (proceeds went to the scholarship fund), reviewing the suggestions left in the suggestion box and clean up.

8AM – 6:30 PM

November 4th I was busy updating social media with final points, pictures and results from the banquet, and answering facebook messages clarifying the points system.

october 20-26

The 8th show of the season was held at Meigs county fairgrounds on Sunday October 20th. my roles included, promoting sponsors, collecting scholarship applications, updating social media, taking reservations for the banquet and recording results.

5: 30 AM – 7:00 PM

The last and final show was held October 26th at the Gallia county fairgrounds. my tasks included, promoting sponsors, lining up showmanship classes, taking banquet reservations, collecting leftover exhibitor goody bags and sweatshirts, collecting jacket sizes of exhibitors for overall awards, and recording results. I was entrusted with these responsibilities my self when my superiors had injuries or had to leave early.

5 AM – 5Pm

I also organized an Excel spreadsheet of exhibitors during the week and how many shows they attended to determine eligibility for raffle tickets at the banquet.

october 13 -19

The sixth show was held October 13th at the Clinton county fairgrounds hosted by the Wilmington college aggies a brand new show for the 2019 circuit! My tasks included promoting sponsors, updating social media, recording results, and clean up.

6 am- 6:30 PM

The seventh show and start of the second double show weekend was held at the Athens county fairgrounds this show broke all records for the Southern  Ohio Showdown circuit. Over 200 head of cattle were shown from five different states! My tasks included, promoting sponsors, updating social media, photography, and recording results.

6:30 am – 5 pm


october 6-12

The fifth show was held October 12 at highland county fairgrounds, this was also the first double show weekend! My jobs for the day were assisting with sign up, distributing awards from Ross county that arrived late, hanging sponsor flyers, updating social media, distributing awards including special awards to celebrate the fifth show during fifth year of the Southern Ohio Showdown, assisting in posing photos of champions, and recording results.

5:30 am – 7 pm

spetmber 29 – october 5

The fourth show was held at the Ross county fairgrounds on October 5th. My  duties were setting up equipment, working with the host county to divide participants into proper categories, promoting sponsors, updating social media, making announcements to participants through the event radio station, organizing vouchers for participants to receive their free hoodie, and recording results.

5:30 am – 6: 30 pm

september 22-28

The third show was held September 28th at the Pike county fairgrounds. my work included signing up new participants, posting classes, updating social media, advertising sponsors, setting up equipment, assisting in the show ring, and recording results.

5 am – 7pm

september 15-21

The second Southern Ohio Showdown event was the Buckeye Bash show held at the Scioto county fairgrounds. my tasks included signing up new participants, hanging sponsor banners, organizing awards, and recording results.

5 am – 7 pm

managing social media and updating records 2 hours

september 8-14

The First show at the Adams county fairgrounds! I started my day out at the registration table getting exhibitors signed up for the Southern Ohio Showdown to collect points and compete for the chance to be in the top ten breeding heifers and/or market animals, exhibitors can also choose to participate in showmanship within their respective age divisions. There were so many new exhibitors the end of registration had to be pushed back a whole hour! The total number of exhibitors was  125 a record year! I also posted classes, recorded results and updated social media.

5 Am- 7PM