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2016 was a fantastic start to a college career. It really set me on a path of truly helping others. I have had volunteer experience in the past, but none like this year. A couple of these pictures are at the shoe give my church put on. We were able to give many shoes to a great amount of under privileged kids. The look on their faces made it all worth the struggle of preparation. I would not have gotten involved like I have with those around me if not for HSS. The focus on helping others has pushed me further than ever before, and taught me many lessons that I can carry with me.

The first of these lessons was staying healthy. I struggled at first balancing health and school. It is difficult, for it seems one requires time taken away from the other. With the help of HSS, I found the balance. Hearing from other students, I realized that I need to be successful at health to be successful at school. Now I get the proper amount of sleep and exercise.

The next lesson was that my original chosen profession isn’t the only option. With the realization of my strengths from the personality test, I learned that many opportunities lie ahead. My people skills allow me to effectively help others, while my investigative qualities can push my abilities to learn more. My plan B for a career is forensic pathology.

Overall, OSU has enough resources to get me to where I want to go. The internships and support can transform anyone into what they want to be. The career center specifically can help with this. OSU has taught me much, but I have much left to learn.


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