5. Marketing and Export

The Cosmetics companies are promoting its products in a variety of ways. The most known one is using models and celebrities in television. Every prospected buyer needs credentials that the product will be able to relief his Acne,Psoriasis or Arthritis. Thus, the consumer will seek for scientific and medical approval as demonstrated in section: “2. Research”. The factories and manufacturing companies offer their products as a wholesale, giving the opportunity to a person buy large stock of the special mud or sea salt, the prices which we are discussing may reach  up to thousands of dollars and the amounts are in barrels. Different option is selling the finished product in a small package ready to be consumed.

A major difference in the aimed market is between Israel and other countries ,mainly the western which promotes beauty and looks in significant importance. The market in Israel knows all about the beauty care products and even comes for a vacation in the resorts on the dead sea, which leads the acceptance of the products as folk,where you can buy those products in the local supermarket relatively in a low price.

On the contrary, in different countries abroad the main market is high socioeconomic market which mainly consists of well paid mid aged women. The beauty care products are marketed and considered as a privilege. Almost every large manufacturing company opened  its stores abroad and call themselves as boutiques.Being mainly built on expensive main boulevards in important cities around the world. Which lead to an increase of up to 4 times higher price. The western culture promotes “shopping” as a leisure activity which brings satisfaction and joy to the consumer. Leading to more chances a customer  will buy these boutique products. An Israeli website “Bizportal” (2012) stated that the largest company and producer of Dead Sea products “ahava” asked for help from the American company Goldman Sachs for help improving its market abroad. Since most of the profits for these companies arrive from abroad due to taxes and exchange rate, it seems like a smart step to do.



Illustration of a woman enjoying doing shopping.(11)



Selling Israeli Products abroad may sometimes lead to political conflicts. For example it is not rare to see Muslim and pro -Arab protesters near such store claiming to Boycott the products. Their main argument is that Israel is using other people’s resources and preventing them getting the profit. However, The Palestinian autonomy has its own part of the Dead sea and they can produce their own products. So those protests and violent conflicts serve only political purpose.

A protest outside of "Ahava" beauty care store.

A protest outside of “Ahava” beauty care store.(12)

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