4. Recruitment of workers

Finally we have the product, but who will hold the job of putting it in people’s hands? A major discussion is occurring in Israel. After the young male and female being dismissed from a mandatory service in Israel, the need to take control on their future but also to get to see the world a bit, so what would be the best way to do it if not combine both? Many recruitment are happening in Israel looking for young motivated and charismatic sellers to work in a kart at a mall abroad. However, this Supposedly “Dream Job” has its bad sides as well.

Worker sells cosmetics on a kart abroad.

Worker sells cosmetics on a kart abroad.(9)

Everyone know that the U.S has probably the most strict rules regarding immigration and living, so every foreign resident who wishes to work in the U.S has to have a working visa. But the recruiting companies are not always telling this important fact of the story, and misleading the innocent youth that they will be able to work with a tourist visa, and even if they will get caught nothing will happen because they are not the top priority of the police. in the past few years this phenomenon grew up in to a large scale industry operating not only in the U.S but also Australia Britain and every country which making large amounts of money is possible.

Apparently the local immigration police is doing there important job and putting its hands on many illegal workers, sending them home, or even worse a fine with a black stamp in the passport which means that they are not allowed to enter the country. Even though the U.S and Israel have strong political connections the U.S still demands a visa for Israelis.As mentioned above, this large scale phenomenon even caused the embassy not giving every young person who sincerely wishes to travel the country a visitor visa because many others have misused it.

An Israeli who has been banned from visiting the U.S.

An Israeli who has been banned from visiting the U.S.(10)

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