Farewell letter, President of the SRBHP

To the members of the SRBHP:

In just a few days, my presidency of the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry will come to an end. Please consider this my farewell message to you as your President. I will, of course, continue to be a member of the society, pero una socia entre socios. This letter should also serve to express my best wishes to the incoming President of the society, Leah Middlebrook, and to the reconstituted Board of Directors. Leah and I have spoken and I have shared with her all the files pertaining to the ongoing work of the SRBHP. I am very confident that she and the Board will serve the society very well. Leah knows that she can reach out to me at any time.

Similarly, I am hereby stepping down as the primary Administrator of the SRBHP Facebook Group. This closed group, which now has 364 carefully vetted members, quickly became a protected cultural space for early modern poetry on the internet and a referente for scholars of early Hispanic poetry in the U.S. and around the world. The work of the group will remain in the capable hands of the Admin team, Juan Vitulli, Felipe Valencia and Dinorah Cortés-Vélez, until such time as the new President sees fit to make a change. The same is true of our Twitter account, @CaliopeSrbhp, ably managed by Fernando Rodríguez-Mansilla and Noemí Martín Santo, which has 156 followers at this time. The SRBHP can rightly be proud of the social media footprint created and expanded during the last four years.

I would like to take advantage of this moment to thank a few people who have been particularly instrumental in helping me accomplish the many things I have as your President. Aurora Hermida-Ruiz was especially helpful during the revision of the Bylaws. If it had not been for her suggestions and persistence, it would have been much harder to get it done. Felipe Valencia, Leah Middlebrook and Juan Vitulli were very engaged in the organization of the SRBHP sessions for RSA during these years. Without their work, it would not have been possible for the President to put together three or four sessions for each conference, as we have done. Thanks, also, to Maya Feile Tomes, Miguel Martínez and Lorena Uribe Bracho for helping me reserve appropriate restaurant space for the SRBHP dinner at RSA in Boston and in Chicago. This is an important tradition that I hope will continue! Special thanks to Luis Avilés and Ivette Hernández for taking on the organization of our XIV Biennial Conference at UC – Irvine! I already know that it will be a huge success. My greatest thanks go to my dear friend Juan Montero Delgado, and to his Comisión Local Organizadora, for all their work on our recent XIII Biennial Conference at the Universidad de Sevilla. As I said in my introductory remarks in Seville, the organization of the conference was magnificent, attention having been spent on every small detail. My special thanks to Mark Mascia, who has taken on tasks he never imagined he would, at my request. Gracias por tu paciencia, Mark! Our Editor, the sin par Ignacio López Alemany, has always been a quiet voice of reason, and I have turned to him for counsel at several important moments. Muchísimas gracias, Nacho! There are many other people I would like to thank here, but I don’t want to tire your patience. I suspect you know who you are.

My good friend Ignacio Navarrete wrote, when he handed the reins to me four years ago, “scholarship can be lonely, and our universities define us in terms of our bibliographies and C.V.’s, but it is really the personal contacts and friendships that make this profession worthwhile. That is why the personal encounters that bloom into friendships are so important—they are centered on our intellectual passions but they extend beyond that. I believe it is this human side of our profession that the SRBHP fosters, and that is why it is so dear to me.” Please allow me to close this letter by simply echoing and endorsing Ignacio’s words here, and by wishing you all a happy and productive New Year 2018.

Columbus, Ohio
20 December 2017
Elizabeth Davis
SRBHP President 2014-2017


In order to foment growth of the society and also of transatlantic collaborations between our membership on both sides of the Atlantic, the leadership of Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry has created several small travel scholarships to help graduate students get across the Atlantic—in either direction—in order to present a paper for SRBHP, either at our biennial conference or in an SRBHP-sponsored session at another conference. This year, we have set aside funds for 4 “bolsas de viaje” of 200 Euros each. One award went to a European student to read in an SRBHP panel at RSA-Chicago. The remaining three awards will help doctoral students in the Americas attend the XIII Biennial Conference of the SRBHP in Seville in October—a particularly tough competition, as there were some 17 abstracts from Ph.D. students this year! Please join me in congratulating this year’s winners of the four travel awards:

1. Joseph Roussiès (Casa de Velázquez, Madrid) read a paper titled “The Iberian Madrigal: Harmony and Disharmony Between Poetic Form and Musical Genre (1552-1624)” in a session on “Poetry and Music” sponsored by the SRBHP at the recent RSA conference in Chicago.
2. Víctor Sierra Matute (University of Pennsylvania) will read a paper titled “Entro en mí mismo para verme”: subjetividad lírica y pensamiento poético de Lope de Vega” in a panel on Teorías de la lírica hispánica del Siglo de Oro at the SRBHP conference in Seville.
3. David Galicia Lechuga (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) will read a paper titled “Amor y mitología en la poesía cortesana de Luis de Góngora” at the SRBHP conference in Seville. We are thrilled to announce that this is the first “bolsa de viaje” made by the SRBHP to a doctoral candidate studying in Latin America!
4. Sam Krieg (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) will read a paper titled “Absolute Space in Hernando Domínguez Camargo’s Poema heroico” at the SRBHP conference in Seville.

¡Enhorabuena a los cuatro, que participarán en nuestro XIII Congreso Bienal! Sevilla se ve cada día más cerca..

SRBHP at RSA – Chicago 2017 was a hit!

The SRBHP ran four panels at RSA – Chicago, one in conjunction with Hispanic Literature and one in conjunction with a panels on early modern Hispanic epic and lyric organized by Ayesha Rakmachandran (Yale) and Felipe Valencia. All our sessions were very well attended and the quality of the papers was superb! Thanks to all our organizers and panelists.

XIII CONGRESO BIANUAL DE LA SRBHP 2017 (Universidad de Sevilla, 18-20 octubre de 2017)



Rolena Adorno (Sterling Professor of Spanish, Yale University)
Begoña López Bueno (Universidad de Sevilla)
Rodrigo Cacho (Clare College, Cambridge University)

Los organizadores se complacen en invitar a la presentación de propuestas de comunicaciones o paneles sobre cualquier tema de la poesía española o hispanoamericana del Renacimiento y del Barroco, incluyendo cuestiones relativas a la teoría, la pedagogía, la traducción o cualquier otra de interés.

Las propuestas de comunicaciones tendrán una extensión de unas 250 palabras; las de paneles, de unas 500. Rogamos consignen el nombre, la filiación académica y, en el caso de los paneles, el título y el resumen de cada una de las comunicaciones. Las propuestas (como adjunto de Word) y las eventuales consultas se remitirán a la siguiente dirección: SRBHP2017@gmail.com

La fecha límite para la presentación de propuestas es el 15 de enero de 2017. Los participantes recibirán la comunicación de la aceptación a finales de febrero. La información sobre el congreso, incluyendo los detalles sobre la inscripción, se irá actualizando en la web http://grupos.us.es/paso/

Para participar en el congreso se requiere ser miembro de la SRBHP. En las Américas, la cuota se puede pagar a través de la web de la SRBHP (srbhp.org), o enviando un cheque a Mark Mascia (MasciaM@sacredheart.edu). Para afiliarse o renovar la afiliación desde Europa, hagan el favor de contactar a Ignacio García Aguilar (172gaagi@uco.es).

Juan Montero (Universidad de Sevilla)
Ignacio García Aguilar (Universidad de Córdoba)
Grupo «Poesía Andaluza del Siglo de Oro» (P.A.S.O.)

Cervantes Symposium at OSU: “La Senda Difícil: Quest & Meaning in Cervantes’ Poetics at the Quadricentenary”

cerv-poster-draft-11 On behalf of the Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies and the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at The Ohio State University, I am delighted to announce a symposium titled “La Senda Difícil: Quest and Meaning in Cervantes’ Poetics at the Quadricentenary” that will honor the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes. On September 30 and October 1, 2016, five leading Cervantes scholars will discuss and share recent research relating to Cervantes’ work and legacy. They are Isabel Torres, Queen’s University, Belfast; Frederick A. De Armas, University of Chicago; Maria Antonia Garcés, Cornell University; Javier Irigoyen-García, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and Steven Wagschal, Indiana University in Bloomington. Our symposium has been chosen as one of six events in the US to figure in the official program of the IV CENTENARIO DE LA MUERTE DE CERVANTES. This is a public event. We look forward to welcoming colleagues from OSU, from across the Midwest and beyond at the end of September!



13th Biennial Conference of the Society for Renaissance & Baroque Hispanic Poetry to take place at the Universidad de Sevilla

DSC00055I am delighted to announce that the next conference of the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry will the Universidad de Sevilla, October 18-20 2017. The local organizer is Prof. Juan Montero Delgado, Director of the Departamento de Literatura Española e Hispanoamericana at the Universidad de Sevilla and member of GRUPO P.A.S.O. (Poesía Andaluza del Siglo de Oro), the co-sponsor of this event. For more information, feel free to contact me (davis.823@osu.edu) or Professor Montero (jmontero@us.es).