Prompt 1-Memory

Focusing on a slight combination of the questions I created in my mental map, I came up with this fun exercise-i’m sure people have tried before- that fits quite nicely. It goes with this idea that from just a simple shape or color created by someone, a narrative can sprout. Along with the idea that part of the subject may indeed be something from an original memory, but some part has been altered to fit the current situation.

I put down 10 colors I remember seeing on a walk that day, so it’s a real memory of the color.


I then let it dry and formed ink drawings from the blobs, very clearly not from reality. It fit what i wanted to accomplish in the current situation though.


I think i’m learning it’s okay to take from the past, and bring new life into it.

Research Mental Map

For this activity I chose the word memory, as it is the most relevant to my work at this time. From the three questions I have formed, I will make my first prompt!

Home Studio ~

Here’s an image from my home setup that i’ve been working with this year, with a few little notes of course!

I’ve included a link to a studio space I found inspiring (from pinterest); It’s colorful, it has nice big windows, and lots of work !