Personal Crest Description

For my personal crest I want to start with the center. In the center I have the cross. This represents more to me than just a a religious symbol. This is where me beliefs, values, and my way of life come from. It is fitting to put this in the middle because just like on the crest, the cross touches all aspects of my life.

The upper right hand corner has my family. I have always valued my family, however in recent years I have seen my scope of family become wider and wider. I have learned that my immediate family isn’t the only family that loves me and that I can trust other people with my heart as well. This comes from the cross and what I believe about the family of God.

The upper left corner is a picture of a tractor. This represents not only my love for agriculture and equipment, but it also represents the community agriculture has with it. Just like the tractor, agriculture isn’t just 4 wheels or a motor. It is a combination. This combination is something I have grown up with and never want to live without.

The bottom left hand corner has a music note. From an early age I was introduced to the joys and pleasures that playing music can bring. It provides me with a way to express and enjoy myself. This  also can be used to express worship to God. Both of these examples display the power of music and a I think that it is very important.

The final corner holds a book. Learning and gaining knowledge is always important. As humans I think it is something we thirst for without realizing it. Sure school isn’t always fun, but there are other ways to learn

Week of 1/20/2014

This week was all about vision. I knew from past experiences that vision was important. However I had never had it broken down like we did in class. When we looked at Martin Luther King Jr’s speech I could see the future as he saw it. His ability to convey his vision to others is significant to say the least. We talked a lot about the componets that go into a vision. There are a lot of things to consider when casting a vision. This just reinforces to me the importance in getting people to understand and see the vision you cast. You put so much effort into coming up with this vision it seems only right that you work just as hard as a leader to show people what it is all about.


When I think about the visioning process I think if you come into an organization as a new leader this visioning process can be a valuable tool. Many of the aspects you look at really did deep into the purpose of the organization, where it is now, and where it wants to be in the future. Sometimes organizations have been working on the same vision for so long that they forget what it meant. The vision gets blurry. A new vision can get the organization back on track and hopefully improve it in the future.


I think this can apply throughout my future career. I am considering several different career paths at the moment; however they all involve leadership positions. So the topics we are discussing in class have a direct application to me.