Year in Review

My second year here at OSU has taught me a lot about myself, and I’ve gained priceless knowledge in terms of how I can better handle stress, how to prepare/plan for the future, and what I want to do in my life after my time here at college. My GOALS have changed and evolved to reflect all of my learning, and they represent who I am as a person here at OSU.

Global Awareness: I’ve known I want to study abroad since my junior year of high school, and it is one of the aspects of college study that I am looking forward to the most. I’ve always has a love for other cultures and countries and being able to experience this while also in a learning environment with my peers is something that I cannot wait to do. I’ve been planning my study abroad experience since second semester of last year and while I’m still preparing/allocating funds for it, I’ve nailed down that I will (ideally) be participating in the History Department’s special World War II study abroad program. This trip is perfect for me, as it is a topic I love, it goes to numerous countries I’ve never been to, and it lasts a full month. Though I’m still working towards it, should everything fall into place, this goal ca be realized next summer (May 2020).

Original Inquiry: My GOAL of original inquiry is definitely the one I could improve upon the most. Though I’ve had a good experience with in-class research with faculty-guided projects such as those in Chem 1920H and Biology 1113H, my experience with extracurricular research has been sadly nonexistent. One of my goals for next semester is to get involved with clinical research here on campus, and to push myself to be proactive and courageous when asking for potential positions. Though I have limited experience, this isn’t too discouraging as I do know my focus in terms of career has shifted from research/lab work to a more interaction-based, sociable career, where I work with others to improve people’s lives (in one way or another).

Academic Enrichment: I have always striven to do my very best in school and this is holding especially true in college. I am taking a very challenging course load, with many honors classes, and I am proud to say that I’ve been able to – with hard work and determination – keep my GPA at 3.477, which I’m very proud of (especially since the SP18 semester was especially challenging for me). My honors contract continues to reflect this trend of commitment to my academics, with a challenging string of courses for my biochemistry major – which will prepare me for whatever I end up going into – and a business minor to supplement this and make me more marketable as a post-grad hire. The remaining of my GEs were chosen to stimulate me academically, while also allowing me some breathing room in order to avoid being overwhelmed while taking my major/minor courses.

Leadership Development: My involvement with extracurriculars increased drastically this year. I served as the Vice President of Marketing for the American Red Cross Club and was extremely actively involved until my term ended in early March. I gained a great deal of leadership experience as a result and learned how to handle stressful situations, communicate with a team to reach a goal, how to delegate tasks and share responsibilities, etc. Most importantly, working in this position gave me great experience in terms of marketing, networking, and communicating with companies that will be invaluable in a practical career setting.

Service Engagement: Working with the Red Cross Club gave me a great deal of service engagement these past two years, and I’ve volunteered/worked for roughly 80 hours as a result. Though I am not in a leadership role this next year, I plan to continue to be involved with the club to help those in need. Furthermore, I also plan to get involved with a service club that works with hospitals/clinics in order to help my community, while also building up my resume for the future.


My G.O.A.L.S. reflect my passions for scientific discovery and helping others around me, and through my time here at OSU, I hope to achieve all of them to the fullest.

Global Awareness: I have always had a love for other cultures of the world and I hope to be able to pursue my passion of travelling the world in order to gain a better understanding of our Earth and the people who live on it.

Original Inquiry: I plan to get involved with one (or many) of the amazing research opportunities OSU has to offer, preferably one that centers around drugs/pharmaceuticals and how they affect the human body. Moreover, I hope to be able to present my research at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum in my senior year. I am also looking into writing an Honors Thesis so that I can graduate with Honors Research Distinction.

Academic Enrichment: I have always striven to do my very best in school and this will hold especially true in college. I am taking a very tough, packed course load during my time here at OSU, and though this will undoubtedly challenge me, I will push myself to put in maximum effort and do the best work I can possibly do. Another important aspect of academic enrichment is getting to know faculty, and I hope to be able to create strong relationships with many of my professors.

Leadership Development: Clubs and extracurriculars will be my main focus in terms of developing my leadership skills, and I will strive to attain a leadership position in the clubs I am most passionate about.  More than this, though, I believe I can exhibit leadership within my classes, my dorm, and simply around campus in general by being (as my high school called them) an “upstander”.

Service Engagement: I have already gotten involved with organizations that are making the world a better place through service and involvement, such as Defend Our Future and the American Red Cross Club here on campus. As of November 21, 2017, I have already volunteered 17 service hours with the American Red Cross Club and 4 hours with Defend Our Future.


My first artifact is my lucky buckeye that I received at orientation. This small little nut has been on my desk(s) since I first got it, and in a way it represents my commitment to my studies. Any time I’m studying or doing homework, I find myself playing with my lucky buckeye; moving it around in my hand, almost like a stress ball. It’s become a good luck charm for me, and I know that as long I have work to do or classes to study for, my lucky buckeye will be right by my side.

About Me

My name is Henry Daumeyer and I am a first-year at OSU. I attended Loveland High School in Loveland, Ohio and graduated 11th in my class, with a GPA of 4.325. In high school, I was a leader in the marching band, as well as the captain of our varsity academic team.

I’ve always been fascinated with science and discovery (especially with how processes work on a cellular level) and as a result, my current major is biochemistry. It’s a subject that I’m truly, deeply interested in and I ‘m excited that I am able to study it at such an amazing university as Ohio State. Through my time here, I hope to graduate with honors and work in a career that allows me to help other people though the application of science. Along with this, another one of my personal goals is to be able to present research I’ve done at the Denman Undergraduate Research forum.

Outside of the classroom, I’m involved with the American Red Cross Club here on campus, as well as Defend our Future, both of which are areas of interest that I’m very passionate about. I enjoy volunteering and getting involved on campus, and I love to help other people, in any way possible.