Share some salient topic areas that you have learned in the class and discuss how these relate to your research areas.
One topic that I think will be helpful for my research is the different social work theories. I think it will be helpful to have the theories as a frame of reference to refer to when doing my research. Another topic that will be helpful is descriptive statistics and learning about statistical tools. I think these will be very helpful in my research, especially when analyzing data. Also learning about how to use excel and other programs will help me when doing my research and analyzing my data.

E-portfolio #2

My topic for assignment 1 in this class focused on how the living environments of adults with intellectual/ developmental disabilities affects their levels of social inclusion and community involvement. I found this topic to be very interesting but I may have to alter my focus for assignment 2 based on the availability of systematic reviews/ meta analyses about the topic. I will most likely continue to focus on individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, but my focus within that topic will likely change.

About Me: E-portfolio #1

My name is Emily Daugherty and I’m originally from Warren, Ohio. I am a third year social work major with minors in youth development and dance. In my career I want to focus on working with children and adolescents. I am currently planning on getting my master’s degree and becoming a school social worker. My experience working with children and adolescents includes teaching dance classes, working with the Boys and Girls club, and being a camp counselor. These experiences have influenced my research interests for this class. I don’t have a specific topic yet, but some areas I am interested in are education, children affected by HIV/AIDS, children with disabilities, and dance therapy.

Year in Review

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