Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies

I am very much a visual learner. Often times when classes have large amounts of reading, I don’t do nearly as well in the class and I end up not enjoying the subject. What I gained from this module was ideas to supplement my learning and interact with the material more. Even if the professor requires large textbook readings to understand a concept, I can always go online and find videos that cover the same or similar content to engage my mind more and expand my knowledge.

I typically do this with challenging math and stats courses by going onto websites like khan academy in order to review and learn the steps to solving a problem. I realize now that there are so many sources out there for me to do the same with history, social sciences, and even computer programming. Education and information is widely accessible today, we as students just need to know where to look.

the MIT OpenCourseware page was a new resource for me which I thoroughly enjoyed exploring. There is so much content on that site available for free to students and it comes with the added satisfaction of there being credibility to the content because it is affiliated with such a large university. I plan on using this website a lot more in the future as I try to explore new subjects that are beyond the scope of my classes. For me, that’s mostly the technical course offerings.

Module 2 Blog Post

Throughout this summer I am both interning, managing a dance team, interviewing for full time positions and taking a few online courses to further my learning, my degree, and my career. A big focus of this unit was understanding my strengths and weaknesses in terms of getting things done in a timely manner which includes goal setting, prioritization, and other time management skills. When I sat down and drafted my goals, much of it came down to communicating with people across the country in order to get information and send information about the tasks at hand. The digital literacy and online communication lectures came in handy as I worked to set up cloud based work folders to keep track of all the information that needs to flow between my dance team and between me and my recruiters, and well as for this class. The goal of setting this up was to not lose information or forget information between messages and emails that go back and forth between the people I interact with frequently. In my dance team’s folder, I have about 10 executive members collaborating on different aspects of the show so I went ahead and created a cloud based to-do list for each member through google spreadsheets, an idea I got inspired from one of our lesson videos. That way instead of through text or email we can assign tasks to one another and even set a deadline and priority to those tasks in order to maintain a record of what is being done and also understand how to best utilize our time.