Scavenger Hunt: Special Characters

Perennial Pea

Lathyrus latifolius

IMG_0230 IMG_0229


I found this perennial pea in the alley outside of my apartment. These produce a dry legume fruit which is a single carpel that encloses several seeds. in my photos the legumes have already split open and dropped their seeds. You can see they split into two and then curled.


White Sweet Clover

Melilotus albus



I found this plant in a field at Scioto Audubon Metro Park. It produces a raceme inflorescent. Raceme inflorescence have many flowers being produced on the same stalk.

One thought on “Scavenger Hunt: Special Characters

  1. Nice choices, both fabaceae. I am assuming you had legume, which I had as well. I used Cersis Canadensis or eastern red bud. There are a couple really nice specimens around campus with pods, but many not showing. Why do you think that some eastern red buds don’t have any. Is it because of external influences, age, or maybe they are cultivated to have no pods. Which do you think?

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