Scavenger Hunt: Sight ID

Lonicera sp.



Honeysuckle found in the alley by my apartment.

The opposite leaves with paired red fruit made me think it was Honeysuckle. upon further inspection I saw that the pith inside the stems was hollow which is common to honeysuckles.

Vitis Sp.



This is Wilde grape vine that I found along the Scioto Trail at Scioto Audubon Metro Park. I noticed that it was wild grape vine because of the leaf shape and it was a large vine the was growing everywhere. there were also a few purple fruits still present on the plant which confirmed that this was Wild Grape Vine.

One thought on “Scavenger Hunt: Sight ID

  1. I had to identify Vitis sp. as well. The plants that I found seemed to have a cordate leaf base and clusters of fruits that resembled grapes. Tendrils help the vine hold on to whatever surface or other plant it chooses to grow on.

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