Food for Thought……..

2020 has brought many challenges and opportunities to each of us. We cannot control the things that come our way, but we can control how we react. I have been extremely discouraged by recent social media posts. There has been finger-pointing, name calling, bullying, and on and on.

Our children are watching and listening. You most likely have children who have access to your social media. These youth are the adults of our future. They will model their own behavior from the examples they see – it’s no longer “do as I say, not as I do.” Does the behavior you are modeling reflect the image that you want to portray? Yes, we are disappointed, upset, discouraged, etc. It’s okay to feel these things – essentially every time something changes, you are going through a grieving process. That’s normal, it’s part of life. But, think before you speak or post on social media. Gut reactions are not always the final reaction. Often times, once the initial anger recedes, logic takes over. Remember, once you have posted something on social media, it never goes away.

It’s very easy to be a “keyboard warrior”. Before you hit send on your comment or email, think about whether or not you would say these same things to the person if you were face-to-face. Name calling and bullying are never okay. Before you automatically share things on social media, take the time to fact-check. Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean that it’s true.

Have compassion for those making the tough decisions. Under the circumstances, they are doing the best they can with the information they have. Science changes daily with new discoveries. We know things today that we didn’t know yesterday. And we will learn things tomorrow that we didn’t know today.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. And, be a positive role model for our adults of the future.

If you read this all the way to the end, thank you. Stay positive, set the good example, and always be kind.

2020 Project Presentation Information

As we previously shared, the in-person 2020 Project Presentation Day for non-livestock projects has been cancelled.  Instead, projects will be evaluated virtually.  Members will submit a video for each project they would like to have evaluated.  Outstanding projects will receive County Rosettes, which will be available for pick-up during the fair.

To learn more about how the process will work, visit

Flipgrid codes and passwords will be made available on July 6.  In the meantime, youth can begin planning their video(s).  Include the following:

  • Tell us your name, 4-H Club, and age (as of 1/1/20)
  • Answer the prompts below:
  • The project activities I completed include……(show us in your project book)
  • I learned about………
  • My favorite part of the project was….
  • I will use the skills I learned……I enjoyed (or didn’t) the project because……
  • Give examples of things you learned
  • Explain your project display

We are looking for you to demonstrate knowledge of your project—but be creative!

Ohio Youth Livestock Skillathons

The cancellation of the Ohio State Fair due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus also included cancellation of the 2020 Ohio State Fair Skillathons. We want to support the continued learning needs of youth livestock and companion animal exhibitors throughout Ohio, so Ohio State University Extension and the Department of Animal Sciences are pleased to offer virtual Skillathons this year. Our 4-H Animal Sciences team will conduct online Ohio Youth Skillathons this year with the opportunity to compete for the highest score; no cash awards will be involved.

Visit the website for the rules and to register.

Project Presentation and Evaluation Day – July 10 is cancelled

Please note: our county Project Presentation and Evaluation Day (non-livestock projects) scheduled for July 10 has been cancelled. The timing of this judging along with the timing of resuming face-to-face meetings (hopefully after July 6) does not allow for much interaction between members and advisors prior to judging. Most importantly, the health and safety of our 4-H members and families, and that of our judges, is our primary concern. Therefore, we will be having a virtual judging this year. Members will submit videos which will be evaluated virtually by our judges. With the cancellation of the state fair, there will be no state fair delegates selected. However, outstanding projects will receive County Rosettes, as we have done in the past. The deadline for submitting a short video about your project will be August 1. Instructions on how this process will work will be available the first week of July. We appreciate your patience as we deal with the new adventures and opportunities that COVID-19 has provided this year!