Three Takeaways of Class

  1.  Online classes can be very beneficial for those with crazy schedules since they are able to complete the coursework whenever they can throughout the week.w
  2.  Online classes may also not be for every student. Some students may struggle with online classes and fall behind. Some just learn better when they are in an actual lecture.
  3. Group work online can still be done very efficiently even you are not physically working on it together. As long as there is communication, work can be done.

Learning Strategies






Time bound


Smart goals are a way to reach a goal whether it be academic or not. Once you reach your goal, you can reward yourself (going out to eat). This can motivate you to do academically better.


Study effectively


It is said that after 45 minutes of studying, comprehension and memory decreases.  To be more efficient, it is recommended to take a 15 minute break every 45 minutes.



Technology I’ve Learned



While taking this class, I was introduced to many new ways to use technology. This can benefit a student because it can help them learn more.

Some new things I learned from this class were

  • BuckeyeBox
  • CarmenConnect
  • How to properly answer questions on a discussion board


Learning how to use BuckeyeBox was beneficial to me because I was able to use it in other classes.