DIY Kits

DIY Dandelion Detective Toolkit

Want to participate in Dandelion Detectives but don’t have a kit? No problem! Find download links below for the work book, insect and weed ID guides, and printer friendly data sheets so you can print and record the observations you make. Additionally, check out the video below to learn how you can make your own DIY Observation Dandelion and Weed Survey Station! Be sure to register as a Dandelion Detective under the sign up page before starting your experiment so we can see the data you collect. When entering your data after the experiment is complete, be sure to check the “DIY kit” box on the online data entry form. Happy observations!

Video: Kirk Mason,

Alternative activity material ideas for your Dandelion Detective DIY kits:

  • Weed Survey Station Materials:
    • For the rope square: string, twine, shoe laces, rope
    • For holding the rope square corners in place: popsicle sticks, pencils/ pens, sticks, utensils, tent stakes
    • For flagging ribbon: masking tape, duct tape, ribbon, bandana, colored sock
  • Observation Dandelion Materials: 
    • For the yellow sponge: kitchen sponge, yellow washcloth
    • For the jar: washed peanut butter, pickle, sauce, etc jar, canning jar, clear plastic water bottle (12 oz, 24 oz, or 1 liter, top cut off)
    • For the yellow funnel: half of 8×10 sheet of paper folded width wise and colored in with yellow highlighter, print yellow sheet (download here)


Downloadable Project Materials

Workbook and ID guides

Download Workbook PDF         Download Insect ID PDF         Download Weed ID PDF



Printer Friendly Data Sheets

Below are printer friendly data sheets so you can complete the Dandelion Detectives experiment!

Download “Experiment Day Data Sheet” PDF

Download “Insect Data Sheet” PDF

Download “Weed Data Sheet” PDF

Download “Interview your Guardians” PDF