Become a Dandelion Detective!

The Gardiner Lab at The Ohio State University has launched Dandelion Detectives, a youth-focused community science program aimed at measuring the distribution of weeds in US lawns and their value for insects. We are seeking individuals, school groups, and other youth organizations to participate in this collaborative project! Dandelion Detectives is seeking school age kids (targeting 3-7th graders) to monitor an “Observation Dandelion” and collect data about the richness of blooming weeds (or lack thereof) found in their yard. Dandelion Detectives will take place over the summer of 2021 and is open to anyone who has access to a yard or other mown greenspace like a park or playground.

The project can be completed in one day and involves: taking a pre and post questionnaire about insects; observing insects at an “Observation Dandelion” created using simple provided materials and sugar water mixture; and conducting a lawn weed survey. Participating Dandelion Detectives will be able to upload their findings to a project website. At the end of the project, students will receive a “Student Scientist” certificate and will have access to all of the data collected by the project team!

If you’d like to participate and become a Dandelion Detective, navigate to the sign up tab and let’s begin!