I am pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University based on its wide scope of engineering applications and the focus that engineering has in developing a strong, grit-filled mindset of problem solving. From reading the newspaper sports page on the drive to elementary school, infusing my mind with numbers and stats, to excelling in classes that are goal-oriented and academically challenging, I want to expand the depth of my understanding of how things work. Reinforcing this motivation, I have seen my close friend’s parents, both with mechanical engineering degrees, succeed in the workforce in the field of engineering. This was inspiring to see how mechanical engineering advanced their success in future opportunities.

I envision myself working in an engineering technical field, applying my skillset in a position supporting the ever-growing market of new technology. I have found a recent interest in the automotive industry and am eager to further strengthen my passion and related skills as a Humanitarian Engineering Scholar to compliment my future endeavors. After completing several academic projects, including an Arduino prototype, a FEM analysis, and partaking in a precision machining lab, I have thoroughly enjoyed my latest academic engineering applications, and have an amplified ambition to pursue this kind of learning in the engineering industry.