2nd Year in Review

Over the course of my second year at Ohio State, I was admitted into one of the most rigorous and competitive programs at OSU, Mechanical Engineering. Many of the highlights of the academic school year came from the satisfaction of successfully completing my academic projects to a very high level.

The most notable project was the Mechanical Engineering Design Arduino Prototype: LCD Display Car Backup Sensor System, in which I used electromechanical techniques to design and build complex circuitry and further create a SolidWorks assembly. I programmed Arduino code to have the components run together, intercommunicate to store, relay and send data.

The second project was to manufacturing and machining a compressed air motor component in ME 2900 introduction to design in ME. Although I began this project while school was in session, the lab was cut short due to the pandemic. I have been given the opportunity to complete it when we return to class in the fall, which I intend to do. I have worked with putting together to manufacture an assembly of a cylinder block, piston and mounting plate with precision to 0.001 inch. This project was fascinating since I was able to gain hands-on machine shop experience and follow industry standard safety protocol with precision measuring tools.

Lastly was the Finite Element Method (FEM) Project where I explored isotropic linear elastic stress concentration in a notched surface to study the effects of various loadings. I was able to study integrated stress and strain analysis quantitatively through experimental, analytical and numerical procedures (utilizing SolidWorks).

These projects all came together to strengthen my academic growth in engineering and provided an exciting insight into the opportunities Mechanical Engineering has for me in the future.

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