Artifact #2

The 1st year, autumn semester, my life has been the most busy and constantly demanding as it has ever been. Yet, understanding the circumstances, I still chose to involve myself heavily in club gymnastics. Recently, I had traveled to Virginia Tech for the first time to compete in my first NAIGC gymnastics meet. Despite going into the competition with a relaxed attitude, once I got into my routines on each of the six men’s gymnastics events, adrenaline was firing and I was extremely motivated to put it all out there. My work had payed off, capitalizing on a 2nd place floor exercise finish as well as taking the gold on parallel bars. However, these strong accomplishments were not what I wanted to choose as my artifact/experience. I am choosing the 3rd place all around finish to model it. It celebrates my early successes in college club gymnastics but furthermore sparks a reignited flame for the future to continue to push myself mentally and physically for what the future has in store.


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