G.O.A.L.S. #2

On Sunday, November 25th, including myself with a couple other members of Humanitarian Engineering Scholars, we went to Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant and Cantina for our second Columbus to-do list objective. It was located north of campus in an interesting location, near where I had found my haircut place to be. The setup inside Cazuelas was unique in the sense that it was built inside a house/large apartment that had been transformed into a restaurant with a kitchen in the back of the house. They had large tv’s setup throughout the restaurant and they optimized the space inside for lots of seating which worked out well for watching the football games and serving many people. Also, in the front side of the house, they had a patio, bar setup on the front yard with coverage above. It was fascinating to see the transformation from a house to a restaurant. Overall, the food tasted very good and the service was quick. I would recommend it to a friend and the price to food ratio was very generous so I would be inclined to go back as well.

Artifact #2

The 1st year, autumn semester, my life has been the most busy and constantly demanding as it has ever been. Yet, understanding the circumstances, I still chose to involve myself heavily in club gymnastics. Recently, I had traveled to Virginia Tech for the first time to compete in my first NAIGC gymnastics meet. Despite going into the competition with a relaxed attitude, once I got into my routines on each of the six men’s gymnastics events, adrenaline was firing and I was extremely motivated to put it all out there. My work had payed off, capitalizing on a 2nd place floor exercise finish as well as taking the gold on parallel bars. However, these strong accomplishments were not what I wanted to choose as my artifact/experience. I am choosing the 3rd place all around finish to model it. It celebrates my early successes in college club gymnastics but furthermore sparks a reignited flame for the future to continue to push myself mentally and physically for what the future has in store.