Since the beginning of Humanitarian Engineering Scholars and the introduction of the Columbus To Do list, I have been eagerly anticipating exploring outside of campus, seeing what else the city of Columbus has to offer. My first exposure to this was going to the Short North and exploring the first time around with my peer mentor and our small scholars group. The next adventure was the inevitable feat to finding the best place for a haircut near campus. A found the Mug and Brush to be rated as one of the top 10 barbers in Columbus. In addition to going out to dinner at the number 1 rated restaurant in Columbus while my father was visiting, I continued to carry on my adventures with my peer group for Humanitarian Engineering Scholars by going to Kafe Kerouac this past Tuesday. The section of Columbus was north of campus on high street in a part of Columbus called Old North Columbus, near where I had gotten my haircut previously.

The experience at Kafe Kerouac was very pleasant. Exploring the inside of the cafe, there were two main parts of the cafe, one with several table, a bar setup and lots and lots of books, magazines and other literature. The other room was filled with a small stage which I would imagine attracts ranges of attention when there are performers, as well as what several students were using at a quiet study and work space. It was a very nice atmosphere overall and the muffins were very good. I thought that it was interesting that the theme of the cafe was that of a couple decades ago. On future assignments, however, next time, as long as the group is available, it is highly recommended to finish and plan out the trip to where we decide to go as a group ahead of time. In terms of Kafe Kerouac as a whole, I would recommend the cafe to a friend and I would go back to try their hot chocolate as a friend got one when they went last time and explained how it is definitely worth it.


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