Year in Review

Year in Review reflection (3/20/18)

What have you done so far to develop your Global Awareness?

I have taken the classes Wars of Empire (HIST 3590) and comparative religious studies (RELSTD 2367), which have broadened my worldview. Through these classes, I have also learned about different cultures and practices around the world. I plan to take more GE courses where I can learn more about the globe as a whole. I am doing a service abroad trip in May 2018 to Nicaragua, and am excited to travel to a different country for the first time through OSU.


What experiences have you had so far that have helped you to understand the research or creative process? How do you plan to continue to work toward this goal?

I am an undergraduate research, so I experience the research process nearly every day. I also take honors chemistry courses, which have a focus an original inquiry projects in the laboratory. I will be assisting my graduate student with her most recent scientific paper, which we hope to publish in April. I will continue to work as a chemistry undergraduate researcher in the future, developing my research skills.


How does your Honors contract demonstrate a commitment to the goal of academic enrichment? How does your planned curriculum relate to your future aspirations?

I have taken, and plan on taking, a broad selection of GE courses. I think being exposed to many disciplines and interesting classes is key to academic enrichment. I have many interests beyond the sciences so I enjoy a variety of GE courses. I am a chemistry major and my planned chemistry coursework will prepare me for graduate school and beyond. I want to take honors chemistry courses to challenge myself.


With which activities are you involved? How does your involvement contribute to your development as a leader? How does your involvement relate to your personal and/or career goals?

I am the current treasurer of the Buckeye Chapter of the American Chemical Society. This position has helped be become a better leader because I get public speaking experience, communication skills, and event planning skills. I want to be leader in business or academia in the future so developing these skills is very important for my future goals.


List the service oriented activities with which you have been involved. How do you plan to continue to engage with the community?

With the Buckeye Chapter of the American Chemical Society, I partake in volunteering with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus. We demonstrate science experiments for kids and explain the concepts behind the reactions. It is a very fulfilling experience for our club and the community. I want to do more service events through this club. I would also like to do a project with the public concerning scientific literacy, and I am considering starting at event with ACS related to this topic and the community.

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